Zantepay New Platform For Exchanging Currency

Because of increasing popularity the blockchain and cryptocurrency increase, so with these investors are looking for new digital assets and block-chain based technologies. As investors use digital currency and for exchanging currency they need a help of the third party, but with the help of Zantepay they can exchange the currency easily.


The Zantepay is designed as the fastest growing digital currency service provider across the worldwide. Its aim is to provide a different range of the services across the worldwide and also providing digital assets like multi-currency wallet and payment services. It also provides you the ability to spend, save and transact digital currencies. Now Zantepay is raising funds towards the development of multi wallet so as to attract the users towards Zantepay products and its ecosystem.

The featur

  1. Zantepay wallet is the core product which lays the foundation for existing free-generating services.
  2. It also has pre-paid card which allows the cryptocurrency holder to spend their online otherwise can use, which accepts traditional payment cards and also can be paired with a digital wallet which allows users to utilize cryptocurrency in the day to day life.
  3. It also offers data collection when a person visits Zantepay website and registers to the website and then contacts with a Zantepay by a question or asking a help and then accepts a referral invitation and place an order for Zantepay tokens, products etc. and then download and uses Zantepay application.
  4. Verification is done by It is approved and licensed by financial Supervision and the user is verified by national documents like id proof and address proof.
  5. Zantepay has now established AML regulation which describes the procedure of how to follow Zantepay in business transactions.
  6. For exchanging the virtual currency against fiat currency, the proper license is obtained from the financial intelligence unit and this procedure takes 30 days.

The team behind Zantepay

Mardo Soo is the Founder and CEO of Zantepay and has very good experience in this field. Daniel Raissar is the CTO of the Zantepay. Pavel Boyko handles the back-end team lead. Vadim lvanenko is the Community Manager. Some of the advisors of Zantepay are Rauno Klettenberg which is the board member at Finance Estonia. Juan Alonso-Villalobos handles the Fintech Programs and the Managing Director at SWG. Cristobal Alonzo is the Founder and the Global CEO at SWG. Dmitri Laush handles Foreign Exchange as well as the Integration Partner and cofounder of Admiral Markets.

Road map of the Zantepay

Because of the raised amount, Zantepay will reconsider the current roadmap and publish new ones as per raised funds. The idea of multi wallet and debit card integration was born in September 2017 and the team of 10 professionals was founded in September 2017 to January 2018. By 15th February 2018 private sale starts and Pre-ICO starts from 15th March after that launch of Zantepay multi wallet and debit card start in 2018.


Total Supply – 30,000,000 ZNX

1 ZNX – 0.05€

ICO 1 – ICO 2

Total Supply – 25,000,000 ZNX

1 ZNX – 0.10€ – 0.14€


Total Supply – 25,000,000 ZNX

1 ZNX – 0.25€


30% of all ZNX tokens will be for sale to the public

30% of all ZNX tokens will be distributed for marketing purpose

40% of ZNX tokens will be retained by the Distributor



White paper:


IСO [15 April, 2018 – 15 July, 2018]

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