Yamzu, a State-of-the-Art eSports Gaming Platform

eSports competitions are quite popular nowadays. Talented gamers are participating in highly anticipated competitions to prove their gaming skills and win the prizes. Many eSports tournaments are organized every year. However, only the professionals participate in these tournaments and other gamers do not get a chance of proving their gameplay skills. There should be a platform where newbies can also participate in eSports and compete against some of the most talented gamers.

Though such a gaming platform does not exist today, Yamzu will soon make it possible for the gamers to participate in amateur and professional tournaments. These tournaments will be sponsored by the software providers and major gaming equipment selling companies. Many people do not know that Yamzu is actively serving gamers since last two years and now it is about to turn into a global blockchain-powered eSports gaming platform.

How does Yamzu work?

Unlike traditional eSports gaming platforms, Yamzu is using the Blockchain technology to improve its reward based mechanism. This revolutionary approach will help this platform in providing customers with impeccable services and other benefits. Though the professional gamers can leverage many benefits from Yamzu, this platform will also allow the non-professional gamers to show their gaming skills. Every non-professional gamer will gain a free access to the tournaments. It will help Yamzu in expanding its community and gaining more participants for the eSports events.

Whenever a non-professional gamer will achieve the success, he or she will be rewarded in crypto tokens. These crypto tokens are YMZ tokens, designed specifically for this platform. These tokens will work as a new crypto currency that will work all across the globe. Hence it is expected that the value of YMZ tokens will increase in the future, many gamers would like to join Yamzu for participating in the eSports events.

The way of winning the tournaments:

eSports events were just a dream a decade ago, but things are changed now. There are many passionate gamers across the globe. They may not be good in business and studies but their dominance in gaming makes them special. Today’s eSports events are generating huge money across the globe. This field is still dominated by the men, but Yamzu is working to change the trends. This platform will allow everyone to participate and win the tournaments. It is expected that the players can grow up to 500 million through eSports tournaments and this is quite a big prize for anyone who loves to play the games.

The eSports events of course provide some big prizes, but this field is also affected by the scammers. Yamzu will eliminate all the risks associated with eSports and provide a secure platform to play and win money. Every participant will create a profile and get a passcode. Blockchain and other state-of-the-art technologies will secure the assets and provide a fair competition. Any interested gamer can join this platform and for that the user will need to acquire the YMZ tokens. The ICO will take place on 29-08-2018 and it will last till 29-9-2018.


Website: https://yamzu.io/

Whitepaper: https://yamzu.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Yamzu-whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/yamzuofficial