Xsearch To Offer Market Research Data On The Blockchain Platform

Xsearch is a unique business model being proposed that would help overcome the problems of market research that students and organizations face. There is much that demands of such research and related data. For instance, companies are spending a lot of money on different kinds of advertising products. They wish to ensure that the ads have the desired effect on the targeted audience. However, in most cases businesses cannot be sure that the traffic being generated is through their ads or that the promotional campaigns they finance are having the desired effects. Again, there are several advertising bots that often defeat the true aim of advertising.

xsearch solution
xsearch solution

When it comes to ads being priced, they are based on parameters like impressions, clicks and views as well as conversion rates. The same problems exist for offline advertising measures as well. Though ad agencies are bombarding the different offline ad media they cannot ensure that the ads are having the desired reach and effect and bringing in the desired return on investment. To overcome such problems Xsearch offers an innovative solution. It proposes a comprehensive database and framework through which genuine customer preferences and related data can be caught. Such data can then come of use to the advertisers and others.

What Xsearch proposes?

This business proposes having a direct approach to a targeted customer base for researchers and businesses. For companies who wish to gain feedback or show targeted ads, they can do so to the right customer base through this framework. There is no need to waste money on different agency services when this framework starts to function. Companies can flash targeted ads and promotions on the right customer segment as well as gain feedback from them as desired.

Features of Xsearch

This business model would engage customers and businesses and help in creating value propositions.

  • The advertising world would benefit from the technology enabled features of this platform.
  • It would offer large data sets of customer data that would be relevant for market research and for companies to use.
  • The platform would include incentives for customers to participate in the advertising market and they would receive payment in cryptocurrency tokens on this platform.
  • Anonymity would be maintained when it comes to personal or private information of the customers as well as data privacy aspects would be ensured by the blockchain technology.

Team behind Xsearch

The team behind the business model comprises of several professionals in related fields such as Ferda Solak who is the business owner, Lucas Schweiger, who is specialist in cryptocurrency and blockchain, Alicia Naumoff is communications coordinator and so forth. However the profiles of these members need to be verified for which one can seek details on the official website.

xsearch team
xsearch team

Should you invest in Xsearch?

This is one of the questions that many might wonder about. With several business models being proposed based on cryptocurrency, this is definitely one of the lucrative business opportunities being proposed. What remains to be seen is how well it is carried forth.


Token details


xsearch token distribution
xsearch token distribution

ERC-20 Compatible

Total supply: 30 000 000

Symbol: XSE

ICO Start date: 20th Apr 2018

ICO End date: 30th May 2018

ICO Price: 0.001 ETH



Website: https://xsearch.io/

Whitepaper: https://xsearch.io/app/img/xsearch_whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: http://t.me/xsearch

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