WorldEX Builds The Next-Generation Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency Users

WorldEX is a blockchain-enabled platform for promoting trade in cryptocurrency. The major mission of the platform is the democratization of crypto trading. Even though there are many new startups that are funded through various cryptocurrencies, the crypto trading is still in its budding stage. For this reason, WorldEX has made an effort to launch a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform. The portal would serve as a medium for sharing ideas and valuable experience. It would also provide various services like analytics of trading activities, social trading contribution, streaming of traders, and highlighting new investment strategies.

Features of WorldEX

WorldEX is a great platform for new investors who wish to enter into the field of cryptocurrency trading. The team behind the platform offers a wide range of tools and analytics that can guide the beginners into profitable exchange deals. Some of the relevant features of this platform are listed below.
• At WorldEX the users can benefit by interacting with cryptocurrency market experts and professionals who have years of experience in this sector. They would offer their valuable suggestions and market forecasts that can assist a novice trader in making the best trading moves.
• WorldEX seeks to build a platform that offers a safe and transparent trading arena so that investors and traders can learn about the market through experience and knowledge sharing.
• Unlike other complex exchange platforms, WorldEX features a simple-to-use interface. This would not only help the team at WorldEX in gaining more trust, but also it would encourage more participation.
• The platform offers several tools based on in-depth market analysis that helps investors in buying and selling various cryptocurrencies and take advantage of their fluctuating rates.

The team behind WorldEX

Kevin Dole is the CEO and Co-founder of WorldEX. He has an experience of 25 years in the fields of investment, capital markets, and sales. He is a serial entrepreneur who has pioneered various ventures from diverse industrial sectors.
Leo Lu is also the CTO and Co-founder of WorldEX. He has over 20 years of experience in business management and has successfully led several startups.
Cynthia Dole is the Customer Relation Officer at WorldEX. She has ample experience in managing industry-specific customer relations projects.
Harshit Bhatia is the Blockchain Developer at WorldEX. He is an expert in IT and Web development.
Vishnu Gupta is also a Developer at WorldEX. He is the DaPP Architect for the platform.
Raja Hassan is the Web Designer for the platform. He has experience in designing various ICO platforms.

Should you invest in WorldEX?

WorldEX seeks to provide quality trading experience for cryptocurrency holders and crypto investors. It features an attractive referral system and offers a series of motivational services for new traders. The platform serves as a medium for seeking guidance from market experts and professional traders. Investing in this platform can definitely help the users in realizing more returns from their cryptocurrencies. It would also help them in learning the behavior and growth patterns of the current and future crypto markets.
Total Supply – 100,000,000 WDX
1 ETH = 870ZXC
WDX Allocation
• 50% – 50,000,000 ICO participants
• 40% – 40,000,000 Founding Team
• 10% – 10,000,000 Angel Investors
• BTC (Bitcoin)
• ETH (Ethereum)
• USDT (WorldEX Coin)
• ZZC (ZoZo Coin)
• LTC (Litecoin)
Round 1 – Starting – 18th March, 2018 Ending – 2nd April, 2018 (30% Bonus) –
Round 2 – Starting – 3rd April, 2018 Ending – 18th April, 2018 (20% Bonus)
Round 3 – Starting – 19th April, 2018 Ending – 4th May, 2018 (10% Bonus)
Round 4 – Starting – 5th May, 2018 Ending – 30th May, 2018 (0% Bonus)






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