What things you can buy on the dark web and the role of cryptocurrency

We do not promote, support or condone criminal activity on the dark web and does not provide links to darknet marketplaces, deep web websites with illegal content or any other illicit platforms. Content is for informational purposes only.

What many of us might not know that there is a second underground internet, known as the dark web. It’s a network of secret websites that you can’t find on regular search engines like Google, Bing, or whatever and requires special software to access that mask your IP address so that the government can’t snoop on you. It’s a disturbing and dangerous place where you can buy literally anything you can ever imagine. Yes, when I said “anything,” I literally meant it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Nobody in their right mind would believe what you can buy on dark web, and here are a few examples for you-

  1. Guns: You might be thinking what’s so unusual about a gun being sold online as it’s already available in many online sites and marketplaces, and anybody can just buy one, right? There are two problems, though. The first, not every country is like the USA where you can just enter a shop, select a firearm, pay the money, and go home with your very own gun that you just bought legally. Unlike the USA and few other countries, it requires a license to purchase or carry a gun, and to obtain a license – you will have to convince the concerned authority that you have a threat to your life. Not so easy job, right? The second hurdle is the serial number. Each and every gun manufactured by a legal and authorized company comes with a serial number that eventually gets attached to the ID of the buyer. Hence, if a crime takes place, law enforcement can track the actual owner of the gun using that serial number. Now, people who want to avoid these two legal things for whatever reasons can buy a gun from the dark web which comes without a serial number (means, not traceable), and obviously, the seller doesn’t ask for a license either.
  2. Fake passports and driver’s licenses: A fake passport that can be purchased instantly, which would make anyone a citizen of any country is something many criminals wish for. It seems like God of mischief heard their prayer, and now you can buy a fake passport and just fly to another country without worrying about going through years of legal procedure to be a citizen. Similarly, you can also buy a fake driving license of any country that would make you eligible to drive instantly – and of course, you won’t need to appear for the driving test, just a few clicks of the mouse is enough to order that thing.
  3. Drugs: The most selling thing in the dark web is drugs. Literally, any kind of drug, from marijuana to cocaine, from heroin to LSD, from brown sugar to MDMA  – you can buy pretty much anything you want and in any quantity. According to a recent study, marijuana, and MDMA are accounted for the majority of the sales in the dark web.

The role of cryptocurrency: From the examples above, you probably can imagine that the dark web is a digital version of the criminal underworld, and there’s nothing illegal that you can’t find and purchase here. But there’s one problem – it’s the payment. Needless to say that you can’t just pop your credit card up and pay using it to buy some drug or an illegal weapon, right? Nobody with a sane mind would do that! Here comes the cryptocurrency (privacy coins) to your rescue by which you can pay anonymously. For those of you don’t know, crypto is a decentralized digital currency that has no ties with any offline financial establishments like a bank; hence any transactions using crypto can be anonymously done without leaving a footprint, provided you know what you’re doing.