WeisHub A New Step To The Crypto Market

WeisHub aims to take a revolutionary step to the crypto market. The company using the  WeisHub’s expertise will provide a 360 experience and this will include Digital Marketing Services, Social Media and a Social Media app and also the a Multimedia Entertainment Streaming Platform, with the objective of creating a new world order between the current crypto market and the mainstream.

The WeisHun team has experience of decades in music, social media, entertainment and digital marketing. The firm has collaborated with some of the most influential businesses in the world. By utilizing the knowledge gained, resources and, skills that will add value to the crypto market space

The intent of WeisHub is to increase the user base of crypto by providing Digital Marketing Services and targeted Social Media. To increase the market awareness and attract new consumers through Weis Media. To develop and start ͚Weis Hub͛, a social media that put together crypto focused chat and information into one app, which is easy to use for the experienced and new crypto user. To develop and launch ͚Weis Play͛, which is a multimedia entertainment streaming based platform that will provide video and music content to Weis Play users

Features of WeisHub

The WeisHub will mainly operate in three key areas:

  • Weis Media

The platform will provide digital marketing and social media services to create more awareness about cryptocurrencies.

  • Weis Hub

This is the development of a user friendly application that will work as a social media hub and will help to filter the huge amount of information available to both who are entering the crypto market as well as to those who already in and operating it.

  • Weis Play

This will be a multimedia entertainment streaming platform, which will use Ethereum smart contract technology. The platform will be designed to put together both the new and emerging talent shoulder to shoulder with artists who are established and have household names for attracting more users and creating awareness about crypto.

The team behind WeisHub

Finlay Robinson is the chief executive officer of WeisHub. He was associated with Yedioth Tel Aviv as Production and Licensing. He will bring his Digital Marketing expertise and the wealth of Social Media to the WeisHub to develop a solid infrastructure. Finlay is a sales professional and was associated brands, like Tnuva, Roladin and Prigat. But, he is interested in cyrptocurrency world.

Chaviv Ephron is the product designer of WeisHub. Chaviv has experience in founding and developing industries. He founded and headed two successful technology companies in digital marketing industries and web design industry. He also the designer background in Ukraine.

Daniel Golan is the chief technology officer in WeisHub and have experienced in developing in JavaScript, Python, PHP/HTML, C++ and many other languages. He is willing to write applications for desktop and mobile both, and will be the lead developer for WeisHub and WeisPlay.


November 2017 was the birth time of WeisHub. In Ocotber 2017 meeting started with HR and employees. In December, the development of WeisHub started. 2018 April agreement between companies started, in May, promotion and advertisement started. 15 May to 15 June is the pre sale time. 20 June to 20 July ICO will be launched. In August 2018, Weis Play digital media and content will be developed and launched. September 2018 Weis Hub platform launch.

Weis Token Option                                                             Weis Token Value

SYMBOL                                                              WEIS

PRE-SALE                                                            15.05-15.06

ICO                                                                   20.06-20.07

Weis Token Supply                                                17.760.000

Soft Cap                                                             $1.7m

Participation                                                         ETH

Token’s Standart                                                   ERC-20

Timeline during ICO Bonus given

Day 1           – 40%

Day 2-7        – 30%

Day 8-14       – 20%

Day 15-30     – 10%


Website: https://weishub.com/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RPEgToMYVW3CXO6tDhu-gPFIEKF25mJ4/view

Telegram: https://t.me/weishub