Volt Presents A Third-Generation Delivery System Based On A Peer-To-Peer Platform

Volt is a Blockchain-powered community that plans to develop a new delivery system with the help of the P2P block chain platform. The main concept of the venture is based on decentralization of the entire delivery system. This is to reduce the overall cost of delivering services by avoiding intermediaries and middlemen. The platform would be operated and managed efficiently with the help of an automated Blockchain technology. Thus, it aims to help the end users in benefiting from a low-cost and efficient delivery service. The entire platform is more reliable because it offers maximum transparency with regards to the allocation and use of expenses and fees. This makes the system more appealing to the customers as well as the delivery companies. The entire system is financed via Volt tokens. This facilitates the use of a secure payment method and ensures maximum privacy with regards to the user data and payment information. Volt would be launching its services toward the last quarter of 2018. It has designed a detailed plan for developing different platform versions for Android and iOS-based devices.

Volt is a revolutionary Blockchain based platform that aims to develop a P2P delivery system to cater the growing need for an efficient and speedy delivery service in sectors like food delivery and eCommerce business.

Features of Volt

Some of the important features of the Volt platform that need to be considered are listed below.

  • Volt plans to make the delivery platform more user-friendly with the help of its automated system. The platform employs the Big Data technology that features an ‘order matching system’ between the customers and the messengers. This would be achieved with the help of smart contracts. The system would allow the messengers to work within the areas they prefer and thereby serve the customers more efficiently.
  • The functioning of the platform would be customized based on algorithms that facilitate automated pricing. And for serving certain ‘special delivery requests’ it plans to introduce an auction system so that the customers can avail quality delivery services at best prices.
  • The platform seeks to offer services like ‘Same Day delivery’ and ‘Next Day delivery’ at reduced rates. At present most of the service providers charge a high amount of fees for such elite services.
  • Volt’s decentralized platform would reduce the overhead cost and thereby enable delivery companies to offer their services at low rates.
  • Volt would be functioning with the help of a decentralized ledger which would be automatically operated via multi-signature technology. This ensures maximum security and low operation cost.

The team behind Volt

The founder and the CEO of Volt is Philip Lee. He holds a Master Degree from UCLA. He is the developer of Quick Quick which is a delivery company that offers low-cost last mile delivery.

Dr. Sangchun Shim is the CSO of Volt. He has around 30 years of experience in Korea Telecom. He has successfully pioneered the acquisition and sale of ‘Kumho-Rent-Car’ which was acquired in $300 million and sold for $1 billion. Dr. Shim is an MBA holder and has received his Ph.D. from Hanyang University.

Jieun Dino Lee is the co-founder and a board member at Volt. She is the co-founder of ‘QuickQuick’ and a founder of a service company LightUp. She has worked as an intern for global investment banks like UBS, Credit Suisse, and Lehman Brothers. She holds a bachelor degree in Economics.

The department related to AI development and Big Data collection at Volt is headed by Migyeong Gwak. She is an experienced app developer and has designed apps for Android as well as iOS platforms. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in the field of Computer Engineering.

Josh Lee is also a part of the AI team. He has secured his majors in data management and statistics from Carnegie Mellon University. He has worked in Stonebridge Capital.

The team at Volt also includes Gyeongrae Chou, who is the team leader of Sales & Marketing department, and Haewon May Byun who heads the Blockchain team.

Should you invest in Volt?

The Volt platform seeks to resolve some of the major issues and drawbacks associated with the existing delivery systems with the help of its automated platform powered by high-end Blockchain technology. Owing to the ever-growing demand for delivery services, the platform can be considered as a profitable venture for its investors.

Symbol – VOLT

Total Tokens Issued  – 4,000,000,000

Total token for sale   – 2,000,000,000

Individual Minimum Amount          – None

Individual Maximum Amount – Unlimited

Private Sale (10th April – 16th April) – 50% Bonus (Sold out)

Pre Sale (18th April – 8th May) – 30% Bonus (Sold out)

Public Sale (18th May – 7th June) – 20% Bonus – 1,200,000,000 VOLT

Currency Accepted – ETH

1 ETH = 50,000 VOLT