Volentix, a Feature-rich Decentralized Crypto Exchange

The Volentix decentralized exchange of VDex is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a truly customizable platform for better speed, security, cost, scalability, and anonymity. This decentralized crypto exchange provides satisfying solutions to both pros and new crypto investors. Its solutions are much better than expensive centralized exchanges which consume a lot of time to process the trades. This platform is believed to perform better than all the existing exchanges. It will be equipped with a flexible architecture that will embrace all the new features offered by the 2nd generation blockchain apps.

The VDex developers are working quite hard to build a platform by effectively merging and integrating the leading paradigms, protocols, and patters of the modern age to meet the VDex demands on the top of the 3rd generation blockchain and EOS.IO operating system.

Key components of the VDex ecosystem:

The Volentix ecosystem is comprised of DApps that aid one another in performing better and improving the overall performance of this exchange. There are four key components of the Volentix ecosystem which are explained as four pillars of the Volentix decentralized exchange. These four key components are as follows:

  • Venue dynamic community platform:

Venue is intended to be a dynamic community platform which is going to employ and categorize the participants with the Volentix community in order to distribute the VTX tokens. It will also be used to endorse the new initiatives of the VDex platform. Volentix has recently launched Venue which is currently in beta testing. It allows the users to earn the VTX tokens by offering their services to develop dedicated communities, claim bounties, and solutions to fix bugs. There are live metrics and LeaderBoards that endorse user participation.

  • Verto wallet:

This cryptocurrency wallet is designed to hold all the cryptocurrencies you posses. You can use this wallet to enable peer-to-peer transactions with other traders. This wallet will help you in managing both private and public keys due to which the loss of valuable stakes will get eliminated. This wallet will also enforce the use of smart contracts to facilitate automatic swaps whenever two traders will deal with one another.

  • Vespucci analytical engine:

The Vespucci analytical engine will make crypto trading a very simple job for any investor. It will endorse real time market details including sentiment analysis and cryptocurrency ratings. The users will get tools and graph to assess the potential of tradable assets and make a wise investment.

  • VDex:

The VDex is the fourth key component within the Volentix ecosystem. This exchange will offer all the features of a top-notch decentralized exchange. Fast transactions, improved security, and complete transparency are the key features of this crypto exchange. The user’s Verto wallet will be linked directly to this exchange through which the users can access all the features of this crypto exchange.

Final thoughts:

In order to reveal detailed information on Volentix you should check the whitepaper. This platform is going to make trading fairly simple for both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders. The VTX tokens will work as the native cryptocurrency within the Volentix ecosystem which you can buy during the ICO.


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