Viewo Brings A P2P Video Sharing Platform With Highly Rewarding User-Centric Features

Viewo is an innovative video sharing platform that seeks to help the participants in receiving the rewards they deserve for their valuable contributions. Even though there are many online video streaming platforms, they seldom help their contributors in deriving significant benefits for their active participation. Viewo aims to resolve this issue by introducing a P2P network controlled and managed by hybrid blockchain technology. Viewo will be issuing ERC20 compliant crypto tokens for making the transactions within the platform rather swift and simple. Its blockchain technology would be enabled off-chain transfers in order to lower the transaction cost. The platform has also introduced a wallet system that ensures maximum transaction privacy and security for the users.

Features of Viewo

  • Viewo will be launching a mobile application for its users who wish to utilize the platform for video sharing or steaming. The Viewo App would work on both iOS and Android phones.
  • The platform would issue VEO tokens for the users who can use the cryptocurrency to buy various products and services from online platforms. The tokens can also be used to purchase the rights to view certain private videos. Further, they can be used to pay for online courses. The best feature of VEO tokens is that they can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The platform would make use of a unique algorithm to rate the videos as per user preference. In short, the Viewo community can determine the ranking of videos based on viewership.
  • Viewo would reward all the users who actively support the functions of the platform. All the participants like viewers, reviewers, video raters, moderators, and content sharers shall be rewarded with VEO tokens. Each of the contributors shall receive a definite percentage of the total number of tokens allotted for daily and weekly distribution among the community members.

The team behind Viewo

Adam Raphael is the CEO of Viewo. He has a background in Finance, Marketing, Technology, and Crypto world. He has secured a Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Central Florida.

Rani Grinberg is the COO and Founder of Viewo. He is an established entrepreneur with a proven track record in Business Development. He is the VP Business Development at Yamia Play which is a technology park in Israel.

David Price is the CTO at Viewo. He is an expert in software development with more than 25 years of experience in the field. He has founded the recognized cryptocurrency venture, Crypto-fuel. He has previously worked for renowned firms like Merrill Lynch.

Lion Shirdan is the Marketing and Talent Advisor at Viewo. He has over 18 years of marketing experience. He is the Managing Director of UPRISE Management.

Should you invest in Viewo?

Viewo is a revolutionary venture that combines the benefits of next-generation blockchain technology with decentralized P2P video sharing system. The platform offers multiple benefits to its viewers, content publishers, and reviewers. The highly rewarding nature of the venture can definitely help Viewo in reaping attractive returns for its early investors.


Token name:                 VEO

Type:                            ERC20 Token

Total Token Supply:        2,000,000,000

Hard Cap:                      564,062,500 TOKENS

Soft Cap:                       10,000,000 TOKENS

Price:                            1 VEO = 0.20 USD

Issue:                           After Token Sale ends

Dates:                           December 11th, 2018 – January 11th 2019

Token Pricing Model: Token Price

Presale Week 1        – $0.167

Presale Week 2        – $0.174

Presale Week 3        – $0.182

Presale Week 4        – $0.190

Main Sale               – $0.200