Vena Network, a Blockchain Technology-based Financing and Tokenization Platform

In order to support asset financing, mortgage lending, and tokenized exchange of the assets, the Vena Network is offering blockchain technology-based solutions. Introduced as an open source project, this platform will work to fill the game within the crypto asset ecosystem by establishing trust and effectiveness of decentralized governance, transparency, offering fundraising solutions, and by supporting a variety of startup projects in commercial improvement and development.

This platform includes two protocols, a basic protocol layer and an asset agreement layer. The basic protocol layer will work to manage upper-level routing, finances, registration and configuring. The asset management layer on the other hand will work only on assets. It will work to execute the terms of contract. The smart contracts will play a vital role in managing all the key operations within Vena Network. In other words, this platform will offer a robust protection against frauds.

How does it work?

The Luoshu Node, as the most important element in Vena Network, offers an open agreement for asset financing and tokenization via the Rocket agreement. This platform supports peer-to-peer transactions performed by anyone. It also offers solutions for digital asset management anytime and anywhere.

In order to become a certified Luoshu node, it is important to show the qualifications for loan operation in the region where it works. In other words, the agreement must fulfill all the rules and regulation of the local nation. In order to assure unbeatable safety, users’ all the crypto assets will be stored directly in the users’ wallets.

Key features of Vena Network:

  • Built the distributed commercial network by implementing tokenized economical model
  • It will allow only authenticated users with decentralized identity to perform fiat and crypto transactions.
  • It has well defined protocol design.
  • This platform is capable of directly completing spot transactions, circulation of collaterals, and right of pledge transfer.
  • Vena Network supports non-fungible token standard and allows the users to apply for value-added collateral loans.
  • Third parties working to implement template contract library in the asset protocol layer can hold the copyright. Thus, the developer of template can sell the rights of his template and earn additional money.
  • The users within Vena Network can choose different roles to offer their services and earn rewards for their efforts.
  • This platform will resolve the risk associated with counterparty meanly withdraws from the transactions. It will offer smart contracts that will prevent such activities.
  • Vena Network supports ERC20, ETH, BTC, BCH, and EOS. It will also accept other crypto assets in the future.
  • This platform is offering collateral loans and exchange of fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat.

Final thoughts:

Vena Network is ready to launch with unique protocols and features that will entertain millions of investors and traders across the globe. This platform is distributing its VENA token during the ICO. It will be available at discounted prices during the crowdsale and later its price may increase. Therefore, your investments in Vena Network can offer higher returns in the future.






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