Vanig Offers An Integrated eCommerce Solution On Blockchain

Vanig introduces an integrated eCommerce and supply chain based ecosystem. This is powered by the blockchain technology and envisions to disrupt the traditional approach to shopping. With a team of renowned professionals who form part of the management of this initiative, there is much to rely on and be excited about regarding the functionalities and features that this platform has to offer.  It is designed as an eCommerce platform which will help create a linkage between manufacturers and consumers.


Features of Vanig

This blockchain based eCommerce platform offers the following advantages:

  • The platform uses Hyperledger Sawtooth technology that helps build a unique eCommerce framework.
  • Key issues can be tackled easily on this platform, making setup of eCommerce ventures and functioning of the same smooth and secure.
  • There is no need to deal with middlemen that leads to lags and delays as well as rise in costs in supply chain logistics; it also helps to keep product pricing competitive.
  • Payment transactions are sped up on this platform; from transactions between the seller and suppliers to others, all payment processing is done smoothly and fast as well as with low transaction fees.
  • Vanig platform can aid in payment transfers and secure transaction contracts created by Vanig tokens. Sellers can ship items faster as well as are ensured fair margins on this platform.
  • Other problems of eCommerce, such as lack of transparency regarding raw material information and other transaction record details can be easily found on this platform.
  • Tracking of the different materials and how they are used in the making of products, all such details are recorded and can be      viewed by suppliers, retailers and consumers on the system.
  • Multi party contracts can be formed to negotiate fees, commissions and rates by the parties and fix these elements for future interactions.

The Vanig marketplace powered by blockchain helps to connect buyers and sellers in a direct manncer. They can cut out middlemen and profit in smoother and more transparent interactions.

Team behind Vanig

Prem Sekaran is cofounder of the platform who has worked for esteemed organizations like Cognizant; he also works for the blockchain based initiative ArtBox Singapore.

Vinodh KR is also cofounder of the platform; he also holds a significant role in the Tech Mahindra Company. He significantly contributes to the development of the integrated blockchain based eCommerce platform of the company.

Dan Ramirez is CEO of the company; he has over two decades of IT expertise and he has worked for other companies such as where he held the role of senior technology leader. He also worked as project leader for Other members of the platform include several professionals in different roles.

Roadmap of Vanig

Vanig has been conceptualized in March 2017 after which the core team was formed who worked on the technology and business process framework. By December 2017 the blockchain and smart contract components were finalized. The token generation event is being hosted in the middle of 2018 after which the alpha version of the eCommerce system will be launched and would be open for registration. The beta version would be open and scalable features added for supply chain manufacturers to be added to the platform by

Allocation / distribution

  • Ticker Symbol: VANIG
  • Token Sale Start: 23 July 2018
  • Token Sale End: 25 Sep 2018
  • Total Amount of Tokens: 225,000,000
  • Total Amount to be Sold: 141,000,000 or 63% of total issuance
  • Token Private Sale: 2 Million USD
  • Token Pre Sale: 6 Million USD
  • Token Main Sale: 12 Million USD
  • Soft Cap set at: 2 Million USD
  • Hard Cap set at: 20 Million USD
  • Accepted Crypto & FIAT Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, USD
  • Minimum Purchase Limit: 0.1 ETH

Token Distribution

  • 63% Open Market
  • 15% Team Tokens
  • 12% Vanig Rewards and Incentives
  • 5% Referral & Bounty Programs
  • 3% Advisors & Partners
  • 2% Legal