Urbit, a Revolutionary Ecosystem for the Real Estate Market Investments

Intended to offer complete transparency and effectiveness to the real estate investors, Urbit will make business a lot profitable for the real estate investors. This platform will offer a perfect management of landed property objects which are ready to sell in Spain. The developers have implemented the blockchain technology and open source mechanism to develop an ecosystem in which the users can store, assess, and transfer thorough information about the real estate products. Hence there will be better transparency and effectiveness, the real estate market will gain a huge profit from this platform. The members in every project will be rewarded by the URB tokens for their participation in blockchain service operations and data accumulation.

What problems Urbit is addressing?

Current real estate market is facing a lot of challenges because of which the investors face a lot of problems. Every transaction faces the title defects and above a billion dollar is spent to fix those titles. Another issue is related to the amount of real estate details. People cannot find reliable details whenever they plan to buy a property in another country. Whenever people search for the properties in foreign states, they face the following issues:

  • Unreliable information shared regarding the real estate property and therefore difficulty in evaluating that information.
  • Lack of information on how the market works in the targeted region.
  • Lack of details on currencies used for purchase and uncertainty on the prices shown.
  • The lack of awareness about the process of buying and selling properties can be different in different countries.

The solution Urbit is offering:

Unlike other modern real estate ecosystems, Urbit is designed to address all the issues faced by the real estate market. It will not only revamp all the flaws, but also eliminate poor practices to make investment a lot easier for the desired users. Urbit is offering the following solutions:

  • This ecosystem will implement Urbit smart contract through which every action like property sale, purchase, and rentals will be managed in a transparent way.
  • The users will get better access to the properties in international regions. There will be no need to switch the platform in order to find the properties and their rates because Urbit will provide all the details.
  • Urbit will offer a price assessment tool to help the users in knowing what the most equitable price for a targeted property is.
  • The Urbit platform will enhance the overall efficiency, speed, and reliability by using patented Urbit software. There will be no need to prepare unnecessary documentation.
  • The transactions will take place much faster and the transaction fees will be quite low.

Urbit will also provide every user with a Big Data tool of the company that will load the Urbit database in the user’s system about all the properties listed on this platform. The users will gain Urbit coins as reward.

Urbit has also created an online platform that constantly collections details on the real estate properties available for sale. It fetches information from a number of real estate portals, public registrations and other sources to serve the users.

Token details

Total supply: 60,000,000

Symbol: URB

ICO Start date: April 16, 2018

ICO End date: May 30, 2018

ICO Price: 1 URB = 0.10 USD


Website: https://Urbitdata.io

Whitepaper: https://t.me/urbit

Telegram: https://cdn.urbit.io/documents/en/WhitePaperUrbit(ENG).pdf