Uranus: Global Computing Resource Sharing Platform

You must have come across the term called blockchain. Well, blockchain is the latest technology that has been introduced to us which is aimed towards transforming the systems of the entire world. The blockchain technology is slowly taking over all the important fields. Therefore, there are new blockchain platforms coming up very often. Each of which is aimed at serving a particular purpose. Speaking of which there is this new blockchain platform called the Uranus which is actually a global computing resource sharing platform. In order to learn more about it, you need to go through the details that are outlined below.

Why Uranus?

Uranus is basically aiming to establish a blockchain based platform that provides cost-effective, efficient and decentralized computing services to all the users. The main objective of the platform is to handle or solve the issues which are currently faced by public cloud solutions. Some of the main problems that the platform is trying to solve include lack of flexibility, data security risk, high cost and difficulty in migration. In order to solve all the problems, the company is trying to leverage computing power around the world with the help of distributed container technology and public blockchain. The key components of the Uranus platform include urachain, urablock, uraengine, and uracontainer. However, this particular project is still under development and there is a lot of things that still need to be done.

How does it work?

Now that you have a basic idea about the platform let’s learn the way it works. If you want to know more about the platform then you can go through the whitepaper of the company. You will find every detail in there.

Uranus is basically a platform in the computer power resources that provides a computing power resource platform of the players, for the players and by the players beyond conventional public clouds. In order to solve the grave problems faced by the public clouds solution the platform seamlessly integrates and links redundant computer power in the world with the help of a distributed container technology and an expandable public blockchain. This helps the platform to provide efficient, decentralized and cost-effective services to the users. Uranus is aiming to become a globalized computing resource platform with thousands of resource users and resource contributors.


The platform also makes of utility tokens that are sued within the platform. The token that is used by the platform is called the URAC. The token is mainly used to exchange equivalent computing power in order to govern the network and also to gain voting power and elect validators by staking tokens.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it can be concluded that Uranus is an innovative platform that has been introduced to us. The platform is mainly focussed towards solving the problem faced by the public clouds solutions by leveraging computing power on a worldwide basis. You can also go through its official site or the company’s white paper in order to learn more about the project.