Unbankedx – A Solution for Unbanked and Underbanked Population

Unbankedx is known to be the globe’s biggest asset on being the first to introduce real blockchain process. It is powered by robo cryptobank. It uses the bot, cryptocurrency as well as the blockchain currency. It is this reason that it has been able to serve its clients with highest level of cost efficiency for the unbanked and underbanked population.

The Emergence Of Unbanked X

The motive of the company is to harness the blockchain technology. While there is a rise of the smartphone yet, there are many who cannot have the luxury of operating a bank. The reasons for which are several. UnbankedX aims to promote financial inclusion through such innovate policies. It is a decentralized organization and unincorporated corporation whose goal is to form a not-for-profit company under a proper jurisdiction.

An unbanked and underbanked population need easy access to financial needs, provide appropriate products to benefit them. The team of Unbankedx has been able to achieve their goals with their ICO’s offering and the bonuses yield from it.

The Achievements

At the Humaniq Global Challenge 2017, UnbankedX were the winners of the 600 odd ideas put forth by the investors. The crypto review is in favor with UBX as the developers have combined blockchain, smart contracts, AI bots as well as mobile phone technology to give a robot financing platform. This ensures price stability and offering at reasonable prices since the company does not depend on just one blockchain but many, thus, the risk is less.

On ICO review

The interface at Unbankedx is easy as it uses both legacy phones and the smartphones.  Unbankedx uses the web app, mobile app, chatbots, voice bots to give investors greater effectiveness.

The ratio of cost ratio to that of product offering in the market is the lowest. The company eliminates any high costs on expensive IT or human values. The use of multi-blockchain automatic cost switching has given UnbankedX a desirable cryptocurrency review.

Unbankedx cryptocurrency system aims at delivering Universal Basic income product to the marketplace. With UBX token can be spent at participating vendors or exchanged between citizens. Holding UBX tokens holds value for investors for some reasons.

Scaling To The Neglected Population

Unbankedx operates for all the regions where there is significant unbanked population. The developers with use of automated systems overcome the cost barrier of traditional financial structures. It helps them to scale millions of users who have been financially neglected over the years.

No corruption no cost of managing due to reduced cost of maintaining ledgers, there is the prevention of bribery with immutability.

High Bonuses

The crypto reviews show that UnbankedX with 20,000,000 Ethereum ERC20 tokens has sold 2,000,000 token sold. Thus, offering most top rewards and discounts for its investors.

The team of Unbankedx  has been able to identify the problem and is in a position to give solution and product with its ICO offerings. The token implementation has been implemented well. With milestones of whitelisting investors from 50 countries, Unbankedx is going places.

Website link:http://www.unbankedx.com/


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