UMKA, Featuring a Blockchain Powered Labor Market

Various highly graduated and highly skilled professionals are working as freelancers across the globe. These professionals rely on the internet to find work and reliable clients. Similarly, there are companies and clients who constantly search for reliable work specialists. Various online freelancing services offer a platform to find the work and freelancers, but none of them guarantee about the work quality and dedication from the specialists. UMKA is addressing this issue by implementing the most innovative solutions.

This blockchain powered labor market offers innovative methods for effective project implementations. This platform is providing users with a broad range of tools which are integrated into UMKA’s platform. Any interested user can join UMKA to find reliable freelancers, clients, jobs, and online courses from the world’s leading institutions. This platform is designed to develop expert communities. It will offer these communities with a relaxing work environment along with the support for personal development and education.

Notable features of UMKA:

This platform is offering a comprehensive support for freelancing and learning. Its key features include the following:

  • Smart Contract:

Whenever two parties are planning to establish a long-lasting business relationship on this platform, the smart contract will be in action. Both parties can create an agreement and verify the terms of payment, task, and other things.

  • Digital passport:

It will comprise all the details you have stored in the blockchain. That information will comprise the qualification and work skills of the user, knowledge and experience, and some other properties that a user possesses.

  • Arbitration mechanism:

Whenever you are working on a project and cannot understand anything, this platform will offer an instant support to help you in understanding and resolving the issue.

  • Google Neural Machine Translation:

The Google translator is an essential tool that helps the users in understanding other language. This tool is integrated into UMKA’s system. You can use this tool to understand the foreign languages and collaborate with the foreign clients.

UMKA is offering a user-friendly platform with an intuitive interface. You can access this platform by using the UMKA app on your smartphone or you can download a desktop client to use UMKA on your personal computer.


UMKA is offering several impressive benefits to entertain its users. It will distribute rewards to encourage more users. Every investor will get one extra token when they will make an investment. Every token holder will receive 1% commission after considering the number of tokens is pending in the user’s wallet. Hence UMKA is a blockchain powered platform, there is no chance of data breach. This platform will implement the smart contract on the blockchain to ensure a fair deal between the employer and freelancer. Smart contract is a new form of contract that ensures both parties will comply with the terms and conditions.

Final thoughts:

UMKA is going to be one of the finest labor markets that will connect the clients and employers with the work seeking freelancers. This platform is going to charge very affordable transaction fees and provide very fast transactions over the blockchain. Every user will need the native currency of this platform to use the services and therefore the value of UMKA tokens can rise very fast.





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