Ubanx Designs Real Learning Centers And A Crypto School For Crypto Users And Investors


White paper: https://ubanx-space.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/files/Ubanx%20White%20Paper%2019.04.2018.pdf

So far cryptocurrency projects and communities existed only in the virtual world. Online services are convenient and easily accessible. But the virtual nature makes it hard for novice users to understand and rely on the crypto world. Ubanx has identified the drawbacks associated with the online nature of the crypto industry and has devised a real-world solution for addressing the issue. It has developed several physical locations like cafes and meeting spaces for crypto experts and potential crypto investors. Such spaces are meant for learning about the crypto world and its multifaceted potential for traders and investors.

Features of Ubanx

  • Ubanx spaces would provide an interactive platform where crypto enthusiasts can directly converse with expert professionals from the crypto world. This would help novice users in understanding the benefits and risks associated with cryptocurrency usage.
  • The physical training centers can help people in joining profitable cryptocurrency ventures. The entire mission is to promote the growth of valuable crypto users.
  • Ubanx would also release a mobile app that can be used for carrying out cryptocurrency transactions and to purchase crypto products and assets.
  • Ubanx would connect with various online services and merchants for expanding the use of its platform. This would help the users in availing various products and services using cryptocurrency.
  • Ubanx spaces would serve as a great opportunity for crypto users to connect and interact with each other and share their experiences about crypto investments and tips on identifying reliable ventures.
  • The platform would be conducting training sessions for crypto investors through its crypto school. This is to provide training on crypto trading and cryptocurrencies exchange platforms.
  • The venture would promote the development of community workgroups wherein users can bring forth innovative ideas for enhancing the services offered by the Ubanx platforms.

The team behind Ubanx

Janes Cochesa is the CEO of Ubanx. He has ample experience in the investment sector. He has secured his Master Degree in Finance from Florida International University. He is also an MBA holder. He is the senior partner of Cochesa Investments.

Mary Saracco is the Chief Investment Officer of Ubanx. She has worked for esteemed companies like UBS and Zeppelin Solutions. She was an Investment Analyst at the World Bank Group.

Nick Bayerque is the Head of ‘Strategic Partnership’ at Ubanx. He has a strong background in business development and partnerships. He is the founder of a mobile studio called Appstars.

Stefano Angeli is the Senior Advisor of Ubanx. He has over 15 years of experience in banking, finance, and trading services. He was the CEO at TSA Banking. He holds an Ms and Bachelor Degree.

Should you invest in Ubanx?

Ubanx plans to develop a physical platform for cryptocurrency users that can help them in several ways to achieve their investment and trading goals. The services provided by Ubanx can be availed using BANX tokens issued by the platform. The innovative nature of the platform can defiantly attract millions of users to its multifaceted service centers. This would increase the value of its tokens and help the investors in gaining huge returns over time.

Private Token Presale – 35%

Public Token Sale – 25%

Ecosystem Support Supply – 10%

Team Advisors Employees and Shareholders – 25%

Bounty Program and Bonuses – 5%

Token Price

35 – 39.99% – €0.12

40 – 44.99% – €0.14

45 – 49.99% – €0.17

50 – 54.99% – €0.20

55 – 99.99% – €0.25


Website: https://ubanx.io

White paper: https://ubanx-space.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/files/Ubanx%20White%20Paper%2019.04.2018.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/UbanxSpaces