TrustLogics Refines The Recruitment Industry With Its P2P Global Hiring Platform

TrustLogics is an online platform that aims to make the billion-dollar recruitment industry more efficient and effective for the job seekers, service providers, and employers. It aims to achieve this goal with the help of a blockchain platform that serves as a direct link between the hiring companies and job seekers. This would eliminate the risk of identity theft and data loss which is a common drawback that makes the existing placement services and online employment websites rather unreliable. The platform also seeks to help the users in gaining faster results and quick response from the recruiters.

Features of TrustLogics

Some of the useful features of the TrustLogics platform are listed below.

  • TrustLogics employs a unique AI-based algorithm that identifies and notifies eligible candidates regarding various job postings. It means whenever a recruiter post a new vacancy, the platform sends alerts to all the Peers who fit into their description. This saves considerable time and efforts for all the parties involved.
  • All the information and user data recorded by the job seekers are subject to a detailed verification process. The profiles are then allocated and sent to various recruiters based on their requirements. As the potential employers receive the profiles of most-suited candidates they need not waste time on ineligible profiles.
  • TrustLogics will be issuing tokens compliance with ERC20 standards for those who wish to use the platform. Using the tokens job seekers can validate and verify their information regarding past work history and education. The recruiters and independent service providers can use the tokens for requesting details on background information about eligible job seekers. This includes validated information on drug usage, criminal records etc.
  • The platform features a reputation building system that enables candidates to get a better response from the employers.

The team behind TrustLogics

Srinivas Dubba is the CEO at TrustLogics. He was the President at TBS Inc. He is the CEO of Techno HRM and software company TechnoSquare. He is also a board member at Dealberg.

Sujith Achuri is the co-founder and COO at TrustLogics. He is also the Head of Operations at TechnoSquare. He has done his Engineering in Computer Science from Osmania University. He is the co-founder at TechnoHRM and was involved in Product Development and Business Planning.

Tony Valdes is the Senior Manager responsible for Business Management at TrustLogics. He is a licensed mortgage banker and has worked as a Business Relationship Manager at PNC Bank. He was the Vice President of the commercial bank- Synovus.

Shirley E. Borghi is the Senior Manager of Business Operations at TrustLogics. She has received the NHMA (National Hispanic Medical Association) 2018 Leadership Award. She is a Speaker/SME at HOPE Global Forums.

Besides the founding team, some of the significant members of the TrustLogics platform are Yash Pakala (Program Development Manager), Aravinda Babu (Blockchain Architect), and Ossie Williams (Brand Marketing and Public Relations).

Should you join TrustLogics?

TrustLogics provides tokens for availing its services and not as an investment. It is an Ethereum based platform that provides more user security. It offers a decentralized P2P hiring solution which is not only cost-efficient, but also more trustworthy and highly result-oriented for recruiters and job seekers.

Token Summary

  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Token Symbol: TLT
  • Maximum Supply: 427,224,610
  • Token Sale: 55%
  • Soft Cap: $2,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $16,000,000
  • Swap With: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
  • 1 TLT: $0.08

Token Distribution

  • Token Distribution: 55%
  • Founders: 24%
  • Partnership: 10%
  • Early App Users: 8%
  • Bounty And Referral: 3%