TrustedCars Flex Redefines The Car Ownership Industry With Its Flexible Mobility Solutions

In the present vehicle industry, owning a new car involves lots of formalities that entail a big financial transaction. The car buyers make their decision merely based on a test drive. However, once the transaction is done the owners have to keep the car, whether they like it or not for a long-term use. TrustedCars Flex proposes a breakthrough solution for this issue by providing the users a more flexible car ownership option. This allows the users to secure possession of a car for as long as they wish and whenever they feel the need to return it, they can get it done by contacting the provider.

Features of TrustedCars Flex

  • One of the main features of TrustedCars Flex is its low-cost service. The platform aims to help its users in procuring cars for a weekly payment which is quite low compared to the average car rental charges that are prevalent in the industry. This makes the platform quite useful for regular car users.
  • The price charged by the platform is all-inclusive in nature. Unlike other service providers who charge separately for maintenance and other expenses, TrustedCars Flex would require only a fixed weekly payment that covers all the underlying expenses like maintenance, taxes, warranty, and insurance.
  • While procuring a car through TrustedCars Flex, the user can procure a vehicle without going through the hassle of actually buying it. The user need not make any huge payments but he gets to use the car merely by paying a small amount of weekly charges.
  • TrustedCars Flex would issue tokens called FLEX that can be used by the investors to make their weekly payments for procuring cars or simply for doing a test drive.

The team behind TrustedCars Flex

Simon Toprak is the Founder and the CEO of TrustedCars Flex. He holds a Master Degree in Management and Majors in Innovation Management and Finance. He has previously worked as a Management Consultant. He has also been a Project Manager at car manufacturing companies and banks.

Sascha Vorderstemann is the Founder and the CTO of TrustedCars Flex. He was the CEO of Elio GmbH, where he has developed several eCommerce platforms. He has ample experience in the Web Development sector.

Eugen Kasjanov is the Head of Development at TrustedCars Flex. He is a blockchain evangelist and has around 15 years of experience as a programmer and a full-stack engineer.

Hendrik Erl is the Head of Sales and Operations at TrustedCars Flex. He is an expert car enthusiast and has previously worked at several car rental services and car manufacturing companies.

Denny Vieweg heads the front end development team. He is an expert in Art and Design and has created several apps and front end designs for some popular websites and online stores.

Should you invest in TrustedCars Flex?

TrustedCars Flex offers an online platform through which users can select a suitable car for their temporary use. The venture aims to provide maximum flexibility to the car users at best possible rates with the help of its decentralized service platform. These qualities would definitely help the service providers in expanding their market share. Hence, the venture would definitely prove lucrative for its investors.

ICO Structure/Metrics

  • Token Symbol: FLEX
  • Start of Pre Sale: May 23rd 2018, 09:00am (CEST)
  • Start of Main Sale: June 11th 2018, 09:00am (CEST)
  • Price per Token: 1 FLEX = 0.07 EUR
  • Tokens Issued: 800,000,000 (total number of tokens)
  • Tokens for Sale: 520,000,000 (65% of all tokens)
  • Soft Cap: 10,000,000 FLEX
  • Hard Cap: 520,000,000 FLEX
  • Min purchase amount per transaction: 700 FLEX = 49 Euro
  • Max purchase amount per transaction: No maximum
  • Currencies Accepted: Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) as well as Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD) via bank transfer and credit card

Token Distribution

  • Token Sale – 65%
  • Bounty – 2%
  • Advisors & Legal – 5%
  • Business Development & Expansion – 15%
  • Founders & employees – 13%