Trezor Wallet

TREZOR is a digital wallet platform. This is one of the oldest portals in this category that was launched in 2014 by the well known Satoshi Labs. It formed the first hard wallet for Bitcoin at that time. It was one of the pioneering platforms at a time when digital wallets were a novelty. It is one of the first platforms to offer offline storage option for Bitcoin that has the features of a hot wallet. The hard wallet of TREZOR comes as a small device that is the size of a car key. This connects to a computer through a USB cable connection. It has security features that protect it even when there is malware on connected computers.

trezor wallet

Features of TREZOR

  • This wallet can support Ethereum and Bitcoin as well as all ERC 20 tokens, Bitcoin Testnet, Dash, Litecoin, and others.
  • There are other features that make this hardware wallet platform popular among cryptocurrency holders.
  • The wallet is known to offer reliable security features that ensure that cryptocurrencies stored are not lost or tampered with.
  • The wallet needs to be configured initially whereby the right settings need to be followed to ensure correct usage.
  • There are certain varieties of Altcoin that are not supported by the wallet for which some users find the wallet not versatile.
  • The physical wallet is a light plastic device that needs to be handled carefully.

The core functionality of the wallet, however, is reliable enough and users have found it to be a reliable hard wallet to use for the safekeeping of their cryptocurrency assets.

Those who log onto the official site of the wallet can find different functionalities on the user interface of the platform. You can easily access the wallet platform on Google Chrome as well as through TREZOR Bridge. The wallet interface connects to the hard wallet when it is connected to the computer through USB connection. Users can control the coins they have, manage balances as well as make transfers through the online interface of the wallet.

Reliability of TREZOR

Being a long-standing hard wallet technology this platform has helped several customers to enjoy the security of offline cold storage of their cryptocurrency assets. From Bitcoin to ERC 20 tokens, most popular cryptocurrency tokens can be saved and transferred through this hard wallet. It is a reliable hard product to bank upon for safekeeping of cryptocurrencies.

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