Trading Made Simpler And Secure Through Decentralized Trends Project Platform

The Trends Project is considered to be a treasure trove of information for everyone involved in trading. It offers detailed and clear-cut information about everything involved with trading using the cryptocurrencies. This decentralized platform gives an information platform for both the experienced and the novice traders alike. The details are so easy and neatly mentioned that it is very easy or everyone to follow. This platform is built for the present and the future users of the digital currency. It offers the right advice and assistance to the users to make the right decisions with their first cryptocurrency trading. It will turn the trader into a real market analyst and will guide and teach them on doing trading the right and easy way to make money.

The key features of Trends Project ICO

  • The platform offers unique content that will enrich the new and the experienced traders with knowledge about technical analysis of trading, tips and tricks of cryptocurrency trade, live streams, how to trade, live streams and expert forums.
  • The round the clock live news feed offers detailed articles and information that are made to suit your portfolio. You will get complete details of the coin, the technical analysis, the price charts, etc., to get a feel of the general trading of the coin.
  • Trends Project offers a cohesive portfolio management system to keep an eye on the real prices of the cryptocurrencies you are interested in.
  • The sharing of the portfolio will be safe and secure as it is anonymous on the platform. No personal information about the user will be flashed when the portfolio is shared.
  • This platform tracks plenty of exchanges in real time to find the arbitrage options for the users.

Team members and advisors of Trends Project

  • Olgun Aktepe is the founder, CEO and CFO of Trends Project. He has designed the Trends Project platform which simplifies trading for everyone.
  • Jordan Kerr is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of the company. He has worked for ElectracoinECA. His techniques have made the right impact on the growth of the company.
  • Nikolaus Heger is the founder and chief technology officer of Trends Project.
  • Jake Burrows is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of the company.
  • Tyler Kenny is the founder and Director of Sales and Communications.
  • Seth Cohen is the co-founder and co-director of Trends Project marketing.
  • Kurt Peterson belongs to the marketing department and is the copywriter and whitepaper developer.
  • Michael Moxley belongs to the engineering department and he is the platform and mobile app developer.
  • Oleg Abrosimov is the co-founder and works as Blockchain and smart contract developer.
  • Zolfer Figueiredo is the platform development-full stack engineer.
  • Thiago Carvalho is an engineer and design platform and mobile UX/UI.


The advisors of Trends Project are Stephanos Constantinou who is an expert in pharmaceutical and car industry and Bogdan Fiedur, a Bitcoin, ICO adviser, Blockchain expert and a venture investor.

The roadmap of Trends Project ICO

In May 2018, The Trends Project platform was developed and the preparation of the smart contract has been initiated. The content creation for the users was in full swing and also the community building is on. The private sale of Trends commences.

The private sale ends on 15th June 2018. The first round of TA testing and review will start in June 2018 along with a huge marketing campaign to create Trends Project awareness.

The pre-ICO 1st round and the 2nd round will take place in the first two and the last two weeks of July 2018. The platform will be fully developed and the 2nd round of TA review and testing will be done.

On August 2018, Trends Project iOS and Android mobile app development will start. The final round of TA testing and review and the sale of the first round of ICO tokens will start in 15th August.

The ICO sale will stop at the end of September 2018. The desktop wallet will be formed and the in-house TA’s will be implemented.

The 2nd round of ICO main sale will be on in October 2018. The November month will see the testing of mobile wallet beta version and the desktop wallet beta version. The new whitepaper will be released in December 2018 and the new roadmap will come out in 2019.

ICO Pricing of 1 TRND = 0.25 USD

Token Distribution

Trends will be limited to 100 Million Tokens.

  • 75 Million Tokens: Main Sale
  • 5 Million Tokens: Reserve for Partnerships and Exchanges
  • 5 Million Tokens: Private Sale
  • 5 Million Tokens: Pre-ICO
  • 5 Million Tokens: Founders Share
  • 5 Million Tokens: Airdrops / Bounties / Faucets

Funding Distribution

Funding Workspace – 2.5%

General Reserve 2.5%

Development – 30%

Marketing – 20%

Legal – 10%

Ta Analysis – 15%

Exchanges/Partnerships – 20%