Traceto ICO – A Decentralized Digital KYC Platform To Know Crypto Customers Better


It is very important for any crypto exchange and ICO to carry out a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process to prevent fraudulent activities and to know the customers better. It is not easy for a business to carry out this process on their own as it is very expensive. This is where Traceto ICO comes into the picture. It offers a decentralized KYC solution for the cryptocurrency platforms. This will help the cryptocurrency and blockchain makers to keep the details of their customers unregulated and free from the prying eyes of the federal agencies. It uses the perfect mix of Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence to counter the KYC problems and issues.

Features of Traceto ICO

Traceto comes with a viable KYC app that meets the requirements of the real-world regulations. It is not a tool built from the scratch. An existing revenue generating KYC product from a leading company with over 5 decades of experience is used in the KYC framework. It offers an all-inclusive KYC solution for the cryptocurrency market enthusiasts. It fuses the AI and smart contract technologies to offer control, management, and the ownership of the KYC process to the community. The salient features of the Traceto ICO are given below.

·         It looks to offer incentives to the users to enter into a symbiotic relationship with each other with no compromise on privacy. But, it will surely comply with the regulatory requirements.

·         There will be a digitalized way to identify the customers across different countries and nations.

·         The data will be updated on a regular basis so that it meets the latest and newest international Know Your Customer standards. This way there will be no risk of increased CTF or AML.

·         The Decentralized Application (DApp) is the main user interface to get access to Traceto network. The user will be asked to enter his Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Then, there will be a liveliness test that the user needs to pass. Only after these formalities, the PII uploaded will be encrypted. Later, it will be stored in a secure wallet that is also encrypted. This means all your data is safe and secure in the hands of Traceto ICO.

·         The main issues in the crypto world are the AML and CTF. These issues will be addressed by the Traceto. It will also soon be expanding its wings to provide answers to questions on credit worthiness and product suitability.

·         It has made a very easy to use the e-KYC process to reduce the gap between the real-world KYC and the virtual world KYC processes.

·         The liveliness option will carry out the proper verification of the identity of the users. Hence, it would ask the users to record a small video.

·         To make sure that there is no fraud user sign-in, the Traceto will make use of the time signature of the short video and the facial recognition as tools to identify fraudsters.


traceto workflow
traceto workflow


The strong team behind Traceto

The founder and the CEO of Traceto ICO is ChionhChye Kit. He has vast experience in financial compliance and has worked for over 20 years with the leading financial markets in Asia. He is also the co-founder and the Managing Director of Cynopsis. Apart from this, Chionh is also an advisor in Kyber Network and RegPac Revolution.

Dias Lonappan is the co-founder and the CTO of this Traceto. He has about 5 years of experience in the blockchain field in the capacity of CTO. Apart from this, he also has good experience in the credit and KYC fields as he ran several blockchain projects in various business fields.

Ooi Gene Yan is the co-founder and the Chief Data Science Officer of this firm. He has had 2-year work experience in RegTech. He has also been a software engineer for Cynopsis Solutions for 4 years. He was there when the Artemis KYC software system was developed.

Dan Poh is the Chief Marking Officer & co-founder of Traceto. He was also the Cynopsis’s Sales Director. He has 6 years of good experience with compliance, FICC and regulatory services. He is also the advisor of FidentiaX and FintruX.

Robin Lee is also a co-founder of Traceto with 8 years of RegTech and compliances experience.

Apart from the founding team, there are also a few people representing the advisor team of Traceto. They are Prof. OoiBeng Chin and Dr. LoiLuu (technical advisor), Nizam Ismail (regulatory advisor), and Simon Kim and Wong Lee Hong (business advisor).

Final thoughts on Traceto ICO 

There is no doubt that Traceto ICO will be making huge contributions to improving the crypto space and cryptocurrency world infrastructure. It is backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals from the blockchain world and RegTech. It will make huge success and will have a very good track record of capturing its niche market.

Incorporation date: 5 September 2017

Website Token name: (“Website”) (Token)

Ticker Project name: T2T

Project summary: “” or “T2T”

Public sale period: Approximately early April 2018. Confirmed date will be published in due course

Total Token supply: 1,000,000,000 T2T

Token for sale: USD $30,000,000

Token price for this Token Sale: USD $0.10 = 1 T2T

Accepted payment methods: ETH

Hard Cap – 35,000 ETH

Min Amount – 150 ETH

Bonus (Private Sale) – 15%







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