Top 10 ICOs In May 2018 — Get Ready To Moon!


    I’ve went through hundreds of ICOs (Initial coin offerings) and these are some of my favorite ones for May 2018. Be sure to check them out. Who knows. Maybe there’s a lambo or two hiding behind them.

    1. Phantasma Protocol ICO Review — Next-Generation Content Distribution On NEO Blockchain



    • Just insane hype
    • Website crashed during whitelist
    • Think Gmail/Megaupload on the blockchain
    • Built on NEO. Won #5 at dApp competition organized by City of Zion.
    • Raising $10.5M for 65% of tokens
    • Founder won #1 NEO competition


    1. CardStack ICO Review — The Experience Layer Of The Decentralized Internet



    • One of the view ICOs that stand a chance to deliver on their promise
    • The experience layer of the decentralized internet.
    • Think Google Chrome/ Apple store but for DApps not Apps
    • Raising $10.5M for 65% of tokens
    • Kickass team, and advisors — advisor of Dash ($3.7B), CoinDesk, IOHK/Cardano($8.6B), Lisk ($1.3B)
    • Raising $35M for 40%
    • Recently released working prototype


    1. nOS ICO Review — NEO’s Virtual Operating System


    • Virtual Operating System on NEO (similar to Cardstack)
    • Think Google Chrome/ Apple store but for DApps not Apps
    • Token details TBA, but don’t think they’ll be greedy
    • Endorsement from NEO founder
    • VERY strong team
    • Very high hype


    4. NeonExchange NEX ICO Review — Decentralized Exchange


    • DEX on NEO blockchain.
    • Raising $25M for 50%
    • Mainnet Q3 2018
    • VERY strong team — Co-founders of, creators of NeonWallet, Neoscan
    • NEO founder and Onchain CTO as advisors
    • Very high hype


    5. Bezant ICO Review — Connect the Unbanked


    • Connect the 2 billion unbanked people
    • Raising $40M for 50%
    • Mainnet Q3 2018
    • Strong team — Bithumb’s founder, current top 5 exchange, 450 employees. Many people from Kakao/Kakao pay
    • Advisors include founder Dayli Financial Group
    • Pre-sale sold out very, very, fast.


    6. Moonlight ICO Review — Employment Redefined On The NEO Blockchain


    • The Smart Economy Workforce of the Neo Blockchain. A bit like LinkedIn/Upwork on steroids.
    • Raising $21.3M for 50%.
    • Mainnet Q1 2019
    • Similar to ICON’s BlueWhale but Bluewhale is raising double the money with weaker team
    • 3 co-founders of city of zion, ex developer cardano ($6.5B). Developed working products before
    • Got NEX/city of zion co-founder as advisor
    • They have partnerships with nOS and City of Zion


    1. Liquidity Network ICO Review — Scalable, Secure Blockchain Payment and Exchange


    • Scale Ethereum, off chain payments, DEX
    • Dutch auction, selling 65% of tokens.
    • Mainnet June 2018
    • Founders are just kickass.
    • Vitalik Buterin tweeted about Liquidity
    • Working MVP.


    1. QuarkChain ICO Review — 100,000+ TX/s (Wanchain/ICON Level ICO)


    • Solve the scalability issue. 100,000–1,000,000 Tps, Two-layered blockchains, Cross-shard transactions
    • Mainnet Q4 2018
    • Team from Facebook, Google, Dell, Instagram, LinkedIn, EY. No blockchain experience
    • Insane hype
    • Impressive advisors, but no blockchain experience
    • Raising $20M for 20%


    1. Algorand

    • Founder won Turing Award, Goedel Prize, RSA cryptography prize.
    • Another team member won Gold Medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad.
    • Zcash co founder as advisor ($900M).
    • Very strong team and advisors.
    • No token metrics released yet
    • Very hard/impossible to get pre-sale allocation



    1. Solana ICO Review — 710,000 Transactions Per Second


    • Telegram 17.4k
    • TGE Q1 2019
    • Getting some hype. Very early stage. Hard to get allocation but possible.
    • Link to DFinity. Did a presentation together.
    • Up to 710k transactions/second on a 1gb network without data partitioning


    Written by The Crypto Sphere: