Tokpie Brings Easy Trading Options Between Crypto Assets And Fiat Currency

Cryptocurrency assets are increasing as several new businesses are being launched that would operate with smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. With such platforms on the rise, there is also the rise of profitable cryptocurrency trading. Exchanges provide opportunities for traders in cryptocurrencies to profit from such exchanges. However, many exchanges have high entry levels and need considerable funds to be invested to make cryptocurrency trading profitable. At the same time, as many digital platforms are formed and their tokens are in limited supply, there is a fresh demand generated for different kinds of cryptocurrencies. For such exchanges to be facilitated in an easy manner Tokpie is being proposed.

Features of Tokpie

This “peer to peer” cryptocurrency and fiat swap and exchange platform would offer the following convenient features:

  • It would allow trading with fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • You will gain access to a large range of crypto assets that can be traded or bought easily by using any kind of popular payment method.
  • Payment methods would be several on the platform for ease of funding trades and for buying currencies.
  • Best prices would be guaranteed and trades would occur in the form of real-time auctions.
  • Transaction fees would be not applicable for newcomers or those who trade in small amounts. Only large volume traders would be charged nominal transaction fees.

This particular peer to peer exchange would allow anyone to log in and buy as well as sell their cryptocurrency assets. They can do so for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat money as well. There would be real-time auctions that would be held and offer the best prices on this platform. The charges would be free and traders of different skill levels can participate in this model.  It would be a secure and scalable framework that would be able to handle large volumes of trading transactions as well.

Team behind Tokpie

The team behind Tokpie comprise of experts from relevant industrial domains. Vasilii Stalin who is co-founder and CEO of the company brings in the expertise of eleven years in the accounting and financial sector. Oleg Kovalev is CTO and co-founder who has extensive experience in IT. Others, such as Andrey Pak, Ekaterina Diukareva, and several others bring in their diverse experience in different fields to make this business model a successful one.

Should you invest in Tokpie?

With the rise in several cryptocurrency tokens being introduced by different blockchain based platforms, this exchange would act as a convenient platform for gaining access to such tokens simply through trading or peer to peer exchange of currencies. The availability of different payment options, easy conversion methods between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies would provide many benefits to different people. Hence it is definitely a lucrative business model to invest in.

Token Details

Ethereum blockchain and ERC20 compliant




20% bonus is available during pre-sale

START: 01.05.2018 (00.01 UTC)

END: 14.05.2018 (23:59 UTC)

NUMBER OF TOKENS AVAILABLE: One Million Nine Hundred Twenty Thousand TKP

TOKEN EXCHANGE RATE: 1 ETH = One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005208 ETH


15% bonus during Week – 1

10% bonus during Week – 2

5% bonus during Week – 3

3% bonus during Week – 4

Start: 01.06.2018 (00.01 UTC)

End: 05.07.2018 (23:59 UTC)


1 ETH=1840 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005435 ETH (Week – 1)

1 ETH=1760 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005682 ETH (Week – 2)

1 ETH=1680 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0005952 ETH (Week – 3)

1 ETH=1648 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0006068 ETH (Week – 4)

1 ETH=1600 TKP or 1 TKP=0.0006250 ETH (Week – 5)