TokenData is considered to be the first ever multi-exchanged platform that is mainly built on providing raw data of all types including financial, company data, social media sentiments, trending news to Asset managers for analysis. TokenData is a platform that cleverly combines the technology of BigData and Artificial Intelligence in the right mix to offer customers with more than 20 million datasets that is being sourced from more than 500 sources. And the important aspect about TokenData is that the customer gets access all these data via a single platform and also through a single API.

The services are provided through their trading terminal platform and also through REST and FIX APIs. They also offer continuous data feeds through streaming channels. TokenData is powered by the mighty Ethereum blockchain technology platform and offers high-security smart contracts to its customers. The company also offers its customers with a profit sharing distribution every quarter and also comes with other great features like top holder and bonus holder programs to woo investors. 

Why Choose TokenData?

TokenData is created by a group of intellectuals highly experienced in the financial and economic sector along with data scientists partnering with Artificial Intelligence experts from Columbia University.

  • The system is completely transparent as it offers more than displaying some fancy and eye-catching charts but provide people to gain access to a huge volume of data and that too with the help of a single API. The Data lake from TokenData is a enriched pool of information that is being updated daily with around 2M data
  • TokenData comes with a unique concept of a “Share Profit Program” to distribute 30% from the profit to all its token holders. And the amount of profit distributed depends on the number of tokens held by an investor. And all profits are paid through ETH.
  • And people who have invested large amounts or bought maximum number of tokens will be accorded a premium member status and a discount of upto 50% provided specially for them on the license price
  • And a rewarding bonus program is also in place as every member holding TDA tokens will stand to get 20% of the number of tokens the hold with TokenData.
  • They also accept the TDA tokens as a payment if token holders wish to access some services of TokenData and gain access to the services by paying for them in tokens
  • Big Data is considered to be a revolutionary process and is highly regarded as the next best thing in IT and has used the BigData technology along with Artificial Intelligence to gather data to populate its data lake. And all the data available with TokenData is categorized into core, trade and alternative.

Token details

ERC-20 Compatible

Total supply:3,100,000,000Tokens


ICO Start date:February 01, 2019

ICO End date:December 30, 2019

ICO Price:0.017 USD






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