The Inpactor-A Blockchain Powered Platform Bringing Brands, Causes, and Volunteers Together

Working as a partner with many renowned brands, the Inpactor is the leading platform that initiates the social impact projects. It is an ecosystem, designed to challenge the centralized, old-fashioned, top-down system of the present time. It will feature a completely new ecosystem of smart humanitarianism that will ensure improved behavior, better incentives, and governance.

The team at Inpactor is working to offer solutions, projects, and business models, which can help people, brands, causes, and businessmen to grow faster by using social impact creation. There are so many issues in the society which must be resolved. The Inpactor will allow the entrepreneurs and businesses to grow by resolving those issues.

How does The Inpactor will achieve its goals?

This question must be clicking in your mind because there is no such platform that resolves social issues to grow the brands and businesses. The Inpactor is using the cutting edge impact measurement tools combined with online technology, sustainable development programs, marketing events, and community events. It will make social impact creation beneficial for the brands by combining global social development goals with key goals of your businesses. This platform is based on a unique concept that will change many lives in the future.

The Inpactor will work as the world’s first one-stop system that will connect brands to trigger for the individuals through which they can work together to form and apply humanitarian jobs. In addition, the new entrepreneurs will get motivations to grow their business fast. The ecosystem of the humanitarian work seems broken today. The Inpactor is formed to revamp the flaws and offer a better solution. This platform will work to bring the brands, causes, and volunteers together and they can work together on the social impact project to gain profit. This platform will combine funding, reporting, volunteering, and project management to resolve the issues with today’s decentralized system.

Blockchain supported platform:

The Inpactor is a blockchain-powered platform and it is also outfitted with a CSR token. Thus, it can offer the latest, humane, and smart ecological community that will work to resolve five important industry issues that have affected the humanitarian market for several years. This platform can easily manage the financial openness that is the main causes of present broken version. This platform is using a distributed ledger to develop financial openness. The funding process will be transparent between the brands and it will help the investors in assuring profitable investment.

Today’s humanitarian market needs a more collective dependability. The Inpactor is using the Smart Contracts while building the projects. Thus, the users will get clearer, dependable, and scalable application to measure the results. This platform is using the Influence measurement tool. It is also providing accurate reporting feature via a ballot that will be carried out by the volunteers which are working on the related projects.

This platform will use DGF to offers citizens an assurance that the organization is allowing them to choose important subjects, form an Inpactor platform created by the area, and controlled by the neighborhood.