The Blockchain Platform Of Gese Features A New Counterfeit Alcohol Prevention System

Gese is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to resolve the market problems associated with the beverage industry. Owing to legal constraints and limitations related to advertising and promotional activities, manufacturers of various alcoholic drinks and beverages have limited options to promote their quality products. Availability of counterfeit products also makes things quite complex for genuine manufacturers and dealers. The consumers who seek to purchase authentic brands are often misguided into buying counterfeit products that are hard to detect. Gese aims to resolve these issues with the help of its tracking system that enables the users to get details about the authentic manufactures and quality of various products. It also features a grading and rating system that allows the Gese platform users to detect counterfeit products sold in the market.

Features of Gese

  • Gese would introduce a system of tagging, in which beverage bottles will be attached with an NFC tag. This tag would contain all the details about the origin and the quality of the product. The users with their Gese mobile application installed on their phones can easily find details about the bottle with the help of these tags. The user needs to place the phone over the bottle and this would trigger the tag that sends a confirmation to the mobile application about the authenticity of the bottle.
  • With the help of Gese platform, regular beverage users can get details about the best beverage outlets and stores in their vicinity. The application powered by Artificial Intelligence stores all the details about customer reviews and feedbacks regarding various beverage outlets.
  • The Gese system allows manufacturers and advertisers to use various types of marketing tools like blogs and the list of recommendations provided by the application to promote their products among the target audience.

The team behind Gese

Pavel Boboshik is the founder of Gese. He is responsible for the successful promotion of the German company Sahm that went on to become a market leader. He is a member of the Malt Association and the Executive Council of Czech Beer. He is also the Vice President of ‘the International Beer Convention Senate’.

Martin Kratky-Katz is the Adviser at Gese. He is the CEO and cofounder at Blockthrough. Besides being an IT entrepreneur, he has received the ‘Forty Under 40’ award.

Andrey Yakovlev is the founder and Creative Project Manager at Gese. He is an expert in the field of process optimization and complex control systems.

Polina Sazonova is the Adviser and Project Consultant at Gese. For over 2 years, she has been involved with the blockchain development and has created several technical assignments and concepts for blockchain projects. She is the head of ‘Decentury’.

I Alexander is an Advisor at Gese. He also handles the project marketing department for the platform. Besides being a known crypto-investor, he is the cofounder of ‘the closed investment funds’ that were used for managing POS-mining and master nodes.

Some of the other prominent members of the platform are Alexander Strakh (Engineer), Mikhail Dergachev (PR), Alexey Pechkin (Team leader), and front-end developer Arkady Davidov.

Should you invest in Gese?

The Gese platform aims to bring some revolutionary changes in the beverage sector. Consumers would derive maximum benefit by incorporating the Gese application. Investing in Gese would be a wise move as the platform is expected to perform well in the coming years.


Ethreum token release platform

  • Type of token: ERC20
  • Symbol: GSE

Distribution of tokens relative to the sold ones

  • For sale to investors – 65% (ICO + presale) of them Presale – 5%
  • Bounty – 5 %;
  • Advisors – 10 % – blocking for 6 months
  • Team – 10 % – blocking for 6 months
  • Reserved – 10%


  • Minimum amount of investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Hardcap: 3818 ETH
  • Price: 7857 tokens per ETH
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Start: 29/15/2018


  • Minimum amount of investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Basic price: 5500 tokens per ETH
  • Hardcap: 49,090 ETH
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Start: 07/01/2018