Ternio Features A Decentralized Service Platform For Programmatic Digital Advertising

Ternio is the creator of Lexicon, which is a unique platform that aims to provide a decentralized system for carrying out a wide range of transactions spanning across multiple industrial sectors. It features a unique blockchain technology that doesn’t work on peer-to-peer operations. Instead of the traditional P2P model of the current blockchain communities Lexicon focuses on on-chain decentralization. All the transactions enabled by the platform shall be processed on-chain. It eliminates the risks associated with P2P bulk transactions. The mission behind the development of the Lexicon is to offer a single blockchain platform for meeting multiple needs.

Features of Ternio

  • The Lexicon platform created by Ternio is not an open-source platform. The team has developed a fully vetted platform that has verified and confirmed their transaction rates, methodologies, and codes with the help of a 3rdparty service. The proprietary code developed by Ternio is 100% verified and reliable.
  • Lexicon as a platform would offer maximum flexibility and complete decentralization. Its blockchain technology can serve multiple use cases and can serve a wide range of economic purposes for large, medium, and small enterprises.
  • Even though Lexicon plans to venture into various industrial arenas, it would be initially focusing on the digital advertising sector. It would help the users in carrying out transactions associated with programmatic digital advertising.
  • The platform of Lexicon would function on the basis of a BFT algorithm. This would help the users in carrying out secure transactions that can be customized to their needs. Thus, Ternio has tried to combine flexibility with a safety which is a rare combination.
  • Lexicon allows the users to operate with cryptocurrency of their choice. This is to encourage more participation and better transaction services.

The team behind Ternio

Daniel Gouldman is the Cofounder of Ternio. He was the Regional Operations Manager at Axcess Financial. He is the CEO and Founder of Ad3 Media. He was the Managing Partner at The Rockfish Seafood Grill.

Ian Kane is also a key member of the founding team at Ternio. He has a strong background in Online Advertising and Digital Media. He is the Advisory Board Member of Tersai Corporation.

Bryant Maroney is the Chief Information Technology Officer and a key member of the executive team at Ternio. He was the Chief Technology Offer at Ad3 Media. He was the owner of Coded Design where he served as the Senior Engineer.

The Advisor team comprises Patrick Sundberg, Didier Martin (Head architect at Interblockchain), Kyle Wang (Former IBM Consultant), and Matthew Niemerg (Security and Blockchain researcher)

Should you invest in Ternio?

Ternio has developed a highly secure and flexible platform called Lexicon for carrying out various types of transactions with the help of an on-chain technology. Lexicon has several features that eliminate most of the drawbacks associated with the conventional blockchain-based projects led by crypto startups in today’s competitive environment. The company’s growth prospects are quite promising as it would enable users to transact in multiple crypto currencies. Thus the platform can definitely be considered as a safe investment opportunity.

Symbol – TERN

Market – 49%

Founding Team – 15%

Advisors – 3%

Ternio Reserve – 15%

Strategic Partnerships – 13%


Website: https://ternio.io

Whitepaper: https://ternio.docsend.com/view/4jji4v4

Telegram: https://t.me/terniotoken