Taurus0x Designed To Aid Derivatives Trading On Blockchain

Taurus0x is a smart derivative trading platform based on blockchain technology. It is a technology that offers distributed off the chain and on chain protocol. It powers smart derivatives across the entire network for different kinds of assets.

Taurus0x provides a protocol which standardizes derivative trading for different digital assets. It is not limited to crypto currency trades alone. The protocol serves as a decentralized and centralized exchange and can also function as an independent DApp. The protocol can be used for issuing contracts by different users, which are made secure by asymmetric encryption technology. Contracts are issued based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The platform operates with pluggable and distributed smart contracts that are governed by the decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO.

Features of Taurus0x

The features of this platform are the following:

  • It comprises of a protocol specification that can support several multi signature contracts on chain or off chain.
  • The protocol runs in two modes, exchange and peer to peer where the two modes are based on different message formats which can adapt to the blockchain environment.
  • Three types of derivative contracts can be supported on this platform, put, call and binary with the architecture of the platform modulated to support different kinds of digital contracts.
  • There are two kinds of modes of operation supported by the platform, peer to peer and exchange mode; in the peer to peer mode the contract participants do not need to rely on intermediaries throughout a contract life cycle as these are multi signatory and can be generated as well as signed offline or locally by contract makers.
  • Contracts signed are transmitted to takers over the network, which can be done by different media channels like social media, email and text; in the peer to peer mode maker generates contract which can be off the chain and can sign the contract with private key while the taker joins in by signing with their private key.
  • In exchange mode contract participants communicate or complete a transaction via a moderator who matches algorithms and relays orders as well as verifies and collects signatures, publishes contracts.
  • Taurus acts as an exchange, a standardized module for derivative trading.
  • Traders can use this platform as a peer to peer protocol where versatility is offered for traders to participate in the speculative market.
  • It also acts as an open source community for developers who are looking to create a derivatives market for digital assets.
  • Taurus0x is open-source; therefore our community’s developers will be the executive branch of the Taurus0x Trust foundation. DApp developers may build open-source or proprietary Fintech applications that comply with the foundation’s guidelines.

The way it works is simple; makers can create signs and smart derivatives on this platform and the taker verifies the signature as well as signs on the contract; contract is published through Ethereum blockchain technology and then contract execution takes place along with funds transfer.

Team of Taurus0x

Rawad Rifai is cofounder and CEO of the platform. He has experience in working with distributed systems and Ethereum DApps as well as cryptography. He also has extensive work experience in different technical areas.

Brett Hayes is cofounder and CTO of the company; having graduated from St Clair College, he has also worked for GoGuardian and other companies.

Rami Nasrallah is COO of the company who also handles the principal marketing activities of the company. He has worked before as R&D scientist and brings in such expertise to this platform as well.

Aymen Elsalim looks into business development of the platform and also holds the position of senior program manager at Qualcomm.

There is also a board of advisors who are associated with the workings of the platform.

Roadmap of Taurus0x

The platform was envisioned in the third quarter of 2017 when the business analysis and team formation was done. By the fourth quarter of 2017 token design as well as business entity setup had taken place. By the first quarter of 2018 strategic partnerships and product development took place; in the second quarter of 2018 crowd sale took place along with security compliance and marketing logistics arranged. By the fourth quarter of 2018 third party integration and mobile app integration will take place.

NAME: Taurus0x



RATE: 1 ETH = 10000 TAUR

TOTAL SUPPLY: 250,000,000 TAUR

TOTAL FOR SALE: 150,903,262 TAUR

TOTAL BONUS: 11,596,738 TAUR


HARD CAP: 15,090 ETH



Website: https://www.taurus0x.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.taurus0x.com/pdf/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Taurus0x