TalentChain, Offering a Feasible Solution to Resolve Fake Certification Issues

TalentChain is the latest platform powered by the state-of-the-art technologies such as the artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. It is designed specifically to reestablish the trust between the students, institutions, and recruiters and turn into the single source of trust for all the parties involved in the learning and recruitment process.

What issue does TalentChain want to resolve?

The cases of forged certificates are increasing with every passing day. Every company wants to hire the most talented people in order to provide better services to the clients and beat the competitors. They seek new people who are talented and highly qualified for their job vacancies. It seems quite frustrating when the recruiters learn that they have hired a person who had shown forged certificates to get the job. In addition, it causes a huge loss of time, money, and the clients when the hired employee does not perform well.

TalentChain ensures that it has the solution required for reducing the costs in qualifying education and admissions, hiring, and other relevant procedures. Only because of forged certificate providers the hard working candidates also face a lot of troubles. This platform is going to prevent talented individuals from facing all sorts of related to educational admissions and recruitment.

TalentChain will offer the candidates a digital vault where they can store their certificates safely and share only with the authorized parties. TalentChain is also willing to collaborate with the institutions and companies in order to endorse highly certified, verified, and talented candidates for the jobs. It will reduce the cost associated with certificate verification and this whole process will become less time-consuming.

Participants in the TalentChain ecosystem:

Though the website presents students/professionals, educational institutions, employees, recruiters, notary, bank, and government as key participants in its ecosystem, all of them will gain benefit from the decentralized solutions offered by TalentChain.

  • The students can use this platform to prepare a digital dossier that will offer a secure location to store all the valuable certificates. In addition, the candidates can share 3D CV to endorse their qualifications and skills.
  • Educational institutions can use this platform to help the students in endorsing their skills, examination results, and how talented they are.
  • TalentChain is offering an internal HR tool through which the user can check the whole employment journey of the employees.
  • Presenting a sophisticated and reliable recruitment process through which the recruiters can find the best candidates without spending a lot of money on the whole recruitment process.
  • Banks often get cheated by forged certificate holders when they apply for loans. Now both government and banks can use this platform to access the verified and valid certificates and recognize the culprits.


TalentChain will be producing total 300,000,000 TTO tokens. These tokens will be ERC20 compatible tokens. Every investor can buy the required amount of tokens during the Pre ICO and crowdsale.

Final thoughts:

TalentChain is targeting candidates who use fake certificates and agencies which work to produce forged certificates. Every person and institution that wills to resolve the issues associated with forged certification would like to join TalentChain.


Website: https://www.talentchain.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.talentchain.com/content/White_Paper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/TalentChain_community


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