SwissRealCoin Delves Into The World Of Swiss Real Estate Management

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain based technology framework is giving rise to unique business communities online. One such upcoming venture is SwissRealCoin. This is a cryptocurrency based business venture that originates from Switzerland. It proposes real estate management based on such a framework. Hence it would have a unique crypto token issued which investors can purchase at discounted rates now. Later on, as the platform becomes functional, the token would form the basis of transactions that would take place in the framework where every transaction or smart contract formed would be secure and transparent based on the blockchain technology.

SwissRealCoin and what it proposes

This business venture is being brought on to make the most of the commercial real estate scenario in Switzerland. SwissRealCoin or SRC would be the token by which trade can take place on this platform. It would allow trading in funds, trades and listed real estate properties where SRC would be used as a currency token and it would allow trading akin to foreign exchange.

Switzerland offers a stable economy which is fortified with a stable GDP rate of growth, good employment rates as well as government policies that are stable and liberal. As a result of the low debt to GDP ratio, the economic environment is positive and the real estate market in this country is a growing sector to invest in.


Features of the platform

SwissRealCoin would have the following features:

  • It would allow trading as a currency on different crypto brokerage platforms as well as decentralized exchanges.
  • The trades would take place in a continuous manner and there would be sufficient liquidity ensured so that high volatility of the token prices is not experienced.
  • It proposes to manage the commercial real estate and investments or trades in this sector by blockchain technology.

Should you invest in the SRC?

This business comes with full compliance with existing Swiss laws. The business model is being developed by professionals who have expertise in real estate in the country as well as relevant technical expertise. The token technology and transactions would be done as per existing norms and management practices of the commercial real estate in the country. If you wish to explore the lucrative commercial real estate in Switzerland, this would be a novel and secure transaction framework to do so.

Team behind SRC

The team comprises of a core management team who are aided by a board as well as a team of advisors. Brigitte Luginbühl assumes the role of CEO and heads this business; Yauhen Yakimovich is CTO and head of the blockchain and PropTech division; Sarah Jordi assumes the role of CMO and Head PR. There are several other individuals who head the different divisions of the business. This is one unique aspect of this business where it showcases the elaborate management approach that the professionals have taken towards this cryptocurrency based real estate management platform.

Token Details




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