Swace, Designed to Enhance User-Brand Interactions

Swace is the latest blockchain powered platform designed to resolve issues faced by the brands and marketers on social networking platforms. The community-driven ecosystem of Swace uses the decentralized blockchain technology to offer a better solution. It uses its own token whenever a user wants to make transaction on this platform. This token is known as the Swace coin.

The main goal behind developing this platform is increasing the socialization between the users. It works as a network and social gaming is at the core of this network. The users can compete against each other on this platform by playing their favorite games. In addition, this platform will provide the users with a balanced approach to relate and engage with what other participants on this platform are sharing.

Team behind Swace is focusing on only one goal and that is enhancing the understanding and collaboration between the brands and users. It will encourage the users to follow a more exciting lifestyle. At the same time, the brands will engage with genuine users and deal with them in a non-manipulative way.

How does this platform work?

Swace is offering two types of tokens to the interested investors. The utility tokens and security tokens are the two different tokens. You will gain certain ownership rights if you choose the security token. It will work as a state-of-the-art type of IOU. While the utility token on the other hand uses the blockchain technology to offer a quick access to services. Every utility token holder will gain a defined utility within the Swace network. This platform is planning to start a number of services in the future. The utility token will play a main role in helping people to take advantage of those services. The value of this token will rise with time and therefore the token holders will gain a huge profit.

Some investors may find both of these tokens useless. However, if you want to invest your bucks in an asset that seems a promising opportunity for a futuristic investment, then Swace is a great solution for you. It is also providing the users with payment token. This SWA token neither works as a security token nor as a utility token. You cannot be a part owner of the company by investing your money into the SWA token, but you will gain local currency. This platform will provide you with an in-app wallet that will contain enough bucks to make regular payments.

Offering entertainment with investment:

Though Swace is a gaming centric platform, it also provides the users with opportunities of making money. The gamers can buy goods from other users and exchange the foreign currency with them by exchanging goods. This platform will return rupees or rubbles in return whenever a user will exchange Euros. You can collect the coin, place it in your wallet, and then it is up to you that how you want to spend it. That’s how the payment token will work and that’s why Swace appears to be one of its kind.

Final thoughts:

Swace will begin the ICO on the second quarter of 2018. Though the dates are yet not announced by the company, the interested buyers will soon be able to buy SWA tokens. Just like some other platforms, Swace has chosen Lithuania to conduct the token generation process. It will prevent the Swace team from moving abroad for finding customers. Interested users can consult about crypto events and gain the support of the blockchain community. So, be a part of the Swace ICO event and invest in the SWA token if you want to gain profit with it.


Website: https://swace.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.swace.io/downloads/Swace_Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/swace