SunX Offers A Transaction And Exchange Platform For Fiat And Crypto Currenciesc

Sunx is a block chain based ecosystem that functions as a fiat and crypto currency exchange. The platform has been formed to empower crypto currency and other currency investors who would be given fees for using the algorithm of the platform. The platform has certain innovative features that allow investors to make effective trading in decisions as well as benefit from a secure trading platform.

Features of SUNX

This platform offers the following features:

  • Users of the platform can create their hood or account on the platform and transfer crypto currency tokens to this account through MyEtherWallet.
  • The investment becomes lucrative on this platform as users are guaranteed returns for their investments.
  • Users can benefit from the effective trading as well as an investment program of the platform.
  • This platform also acts as a crypto currency and fiat exchange.
  • Bonus investments and special offers are made available to early investors of the platform who guarantee high returns on their investments.
  • Security of the platform is one of the highlights of the platform; protection against spam and malware is ensured for the users of the platform as well as with the block chain nature of the platform that guarantees that all transaction records are made immutable, secure and transparent on this platform.
  • Transactions are promised to be fast on this platform, especially when users are making payments to different parties as well as across different systems. Transaction speed is guaranteed to be fast and reliable.
  • The platform offers an app that would help everything to be done through the smart phone; these could be transactions like currency exchange, transfers, payments and instant loans; it also promises integration with different third party wallet providers as well as payment through QR code, SamsungPay, ApplePay, AndroidPay and others.
  • This platform features Sunxcoin which is the smart contract based crypto currency created for transactions on the platform.

Team of SUNX

Florence Osas Pius is CEO and cofounder of the platform. She has also helped to form the osascryptology Nig Ltd, which is also a similar startup venture.

Frank Basco acts as the community manager at this company who also handles most marketing activities and forms strategies for the same. He also has a role of Qompass token. He has graduated in Information Technology.

Louver Asuncion acts as bounty manager and moderator as well as an administrator for telegram and other marketing activities of the platform. He has graduated from Manila Central University in management.

Roadmap of SunX

This platform, known as SUNX establishment, was formed in 2017. The ideal of the platform and formation of the block chain technology was formed in the month of May 2017. In June 2018 the ICO campaign has been launched along with the alpha – beta version being developed for the SUNX app. Profit sharing will commence from August when early investors would be paid out their profit shares. Platform launch is planned for the end of 2018 after which further updates and developments are planned for 2019.

Supply 10,000,000 XNS

Pre ICO sales 1,000,000 XNS Token

Crowd sale 5,000,000 XNS Token

1,000,000 for remarketing

900,000 for team members

Air drop first stage 200,000

1,500,000 for sustainability of the company

Airdop second stage 200,000 before crowd sales

Crowd sale referral: Earn 10% XNS

Bounty 200,000








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