Stoby: The First Ever Student Job Platform Payable With Cryptocurrency

The blockchain is invading literally into every field of human lives. Starting from the music industry to sports industry it has penetrated every field. It is expected that in the future blockchain will actually take over the traditional system of the world. However, as of now it still has a long way to go as it still has a lot of issues that need to be solved. Today, in this particular article we are going to discuss a particular platform called Stoby which is mainly made for students out there. It is the first ever job platform that is made for students that are payable by cryptocurrencies. This is completely something new that has been advanced towards the users. If you wish to learn more about this particular platform then you should definitely go through this article once.

Why Stoby?

Stoby is basically the first tokenized student platform that is known to sell free time to busy individuals and provide the students with the opportunity to earn more so that they can spend it on with their partners or on their campus. This is the first ever platform that is actually targeting the entire student community. No such platform is there that is solely made for the students which are why this is special. This platform is introduced in order to completely simply the way a student search for a job. The platform is a blockchain based one and therefore, it promotes transparency, trust, security, and traceability.

How does it work?

As we already know that Stoby is a platform that is made for the students. The main objective of the platform is to provide complete support for the deployment of the use of tokens in the student environment. Stoby provides free time to busy people and also provides the students with the opportunity to benefit themselves from the additional income. Students can earn more with the help of this platform. The students can then use their income to spend it on their campus or with their partners. The payment is done with tokens. This is one of the most innovative platforms that have been introduced to us. In fact, this is the first ever platform that is made for the students.


Stoby makes use of tokens that are known as STB. These tokens are mainly used to pay the students. The tokens are also known to provide certain rights to people who will own it. The token is an ERC20 based token that is well proven on the Ethereum blockchain network. There are around 20,000,000 tokens published by the platform currently.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it can be concluded that Stoby is an innovative platform that is completely made for the students. With the help of this platform, the students can find jobs in a better way and also earn more. If you wish to know more about this platform then you can visit their official site as well.


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