Squeezer, Simplifying the Process of Developing Blockchain Based Apps

The Blockchain technology is being implemented with other modern technologies to produce the state-of-the-art applications. It has turned into an important component of the modern businesses’ technology stack. The blockchain offers two major features which are multi-directional scalability and data immutability. The blockchain is capable of managing both of these features vertically and horizontally in an impeccable manner.

However, this cutting-edge technology still relies upon traditionally designed data solutions. The developers face some issues when trying to synchronize the application or services with blockchain. They need to define the specific data in order to develop the required solution. The developers of this age rely on a sophisticated mechanism. They download the whole blockchain transaction log on the server and then split each block one by one to perform the desired work.

Of course, it requires a lot of effort and time. You also need an adept developer who has an extensive knowledge about how to do this job. It can be difficult and therefore Squeezer is offering microservices technology to resolve such issues. The scaling issue will get resolved by using squeezer. You can quickly adjust the stack so that it can fit within the blockchain without any issue.

Offering a better way of dealing with complicated blockchain infrastructure:

The Squeezer itself is a blockchain powered platform which is offering a simpler way of developing the apps without dealing with the whole complicated blockchain infrastructure. In simple words, the Squeezer will work as a platform where developers can design and develop sophisticated blockchain applications without facing complex challenges. Every participant needs to subscribe this platform in order to use the cutting-edge solutions offered by it. So, the users will have to use the SQZR utility tokens so that they can take advantage of Squeezer’s features and services.

Key features of Squeezer platform:

The notable features of the Squeezer platform are as follows:

  • Auto scaling:

This platform is designed to make all the scaling challenges easier for the users. You can scale down without writing a script or setting any type of alert. You will feel calm whether the traffic is high or low.

  • No administration required:

The developers used to prepare for lengthy setups before, but the Squeezer is changing it. It will remove the set up time and help the developers in deploying their codes fast. There will be no need to manage anything after the code is deployed.

  • Affordable subscription:

There is no particular package for using this platform. You will pay for the type of use you are taking. You will not pay any penny when you are not using this platform.

  • Faster development:

As a Squeezer user, you will have to deploy the cloud provider environment over the machine you are using at your office. This will work to enhance the speed of development up to 10x.

There are many other features of this platform. As a developer, you can use the SQZR tokens to develop and deploy the new apps. This platform is going to become the first choice of every blockchain based solution provider. Therefore, you must think about investing in it.


Website: http://tokensale.squeezer.io/

Whitepaper: http://tokensale.squeezer.io/docs/white-paper-final.pdf

Telegram: https://telegram.me/squeezerio


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