Spindle: The Perfect Asset Management Platform Using The Blockchain Technology

The Spindle is the ICO platform that works on the blockchain technology to help individuals to manage their assets wisely and efficiently. The growth of the cryptocurrency has opened plenty of doors for the investors. This investment platform offers data transparency and safe and secure payment options to carry out the investment process. This platform offers the new and novice investors to know more about the cryptocurrency investment and also gain more experience with it.

How does the Spindle ICO platform work?

The Spindle is an easy to use and free ICO platform that offers the user a wide range of investment options in one place. The user is at the liberty to make changes to their asset management portfolio as they like. Spindle makes use of investment management platform using smart contact and blockchain technologies to make asset and investment management an easy option for all individuals.

  • The investor that comes to the platform can purchase the Spindle tokens offered on the service platform Zeta. They can visit the Zeta platform using their laptops and desktops or through the Spindle mobile app on their handheld devices.
  • The Spindle tokens can be used to invest the cryptocurrencies that you are holding on the platform and if the investment you make using the help of an advisor or your own pays off, then you receive the returns for it on the spindle token. This can be used again for further investments or trading or even exchange.

The Spindle team

Shuichi Uda is the founder and the director of Spindle. He worked as project manager in Silvertail in England, then managed the MF/CTA funds and also joined as the Chief Consultant of the Finance Team of Funai Consulting Co., Ltd. He is now the director of Spindle.

Masamitsu Hirai is the President and CEO of BLACK STAR&CO. INC. He holds a business administration degree from the Hosei University Faculty of Business Administration. He is well versed in investment funds and advising the investors on the various strategies to make their money grow. He started as an advisor in FunaiSoken Holdings Inc., then moved on to becoming CEO of an investment management company in Japan and then worked a fund manager for a hedge fund company in Malaysia, before becoming this company’s president.

Tsunehisa Kasai is the CEO and started his career with UBS Group in London. He has vast experience in investment and fund management with job experience in Japan, London, and the Middle East.

TAKUROMIZOBE is the CTO of Spindle. He worked in JP Morgan Securities Inc., after graduation and developed new accounting and security systems for the privileged accounts. He created the cryptocurrency exchange and also developed a supply-side platform. He is well versed in Blockchain technologies.

Some of the popular advisors and other team members of Spindle are Dariusz Chrzastowski, Seiji Yoshizaki (strategic advisor), Masashi Sakuma (auditor), Masayoshi Hashimoto (creative technologist), Lina Seiche (PR Manager), Gackt Oshiro (Asia strategic advisor), Junichiro Kawato (law advisor), Fumihiko Sano (architectural advisor), Cher Chen Lung (Global Alliance Advisor), Hemant Kumar Setya (Technology Advisor), Julia Della Scala (PR advisor).

Final thoughts on Spindle

The Spindle is a Japanese company that offers a fair and level playing field for the fund managers and the investors to interact. This is a very good platform to use for both novice and professional investors to earn a lot of money and become rich through the unique asset management process. The information about the managers on the platform is transparent and there is no need to worry about fraudulent activities on the platform. This is a place where you get to converse with the fund managers and also get to compare the fund management agents.


Token name and ticker symbol: SPD

Used Blockchain: Ethereum ERC20

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 SPD

Supply for Sale (including Bounty): 2,500,000,000 SPD for Private Pre Sale (Sold)

4,000,000,000 SPD for Crowd Sale

Token distribution for Crowd Sale before listing: 1,200,000,000 SPD

Token distribution for Crowd Sale after listing: 2,500,000,000 SPD

Soft Cap of the Project: 60,000 ETH

Hard Cap in the Crowd Sale: Crowd Sale before listing: 456,000 ETH

Crowd Sale after listing: 1,125,000 ETH

Payment Accepted: BitcoinCash, Ethereum

SPD Distribution

  • Total SPD to be issued:   10,000,000,000 SPD
  • Sold in Private Pre Sale:    2,500,000,000 SPD
  • For Crowd Sale before listing: 1,200,000,000 SPD
  • For Crowd Sale after listing: 2,500,000,000 SPD
  • For Bounty/Bonus program: 300,000,000 SPD
  • For Team/Advisor/Investor: 2,500,000,000 SPD
  • For Issuer Reserve:     1,000,000,000 SPD





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