SLP Serves As An Exchange Platform For Tokenized Loyalty Points

SLP is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform that aims to help the business community in making their loyalty programs more effective and efficient. By introducing a decentralized exchange platform, it also seeks to help the customers in utilizing their loyalty points and rewards. In the existing market system, around 59% of the customers do not respond to communications associated with loyalty programs. Most of the customers choose to ignore the loyalty points as they feel the process of claiming the rewards to be time-consuming and complex. This, in turn, reduces the impact of the loyalty programs and the brand owners fail to derive the desired results. To this end, SLP has developed the SailPlay platform for helping the users in accumulating all their loyalty points at one place and then converting them into tokens. This would easily help them in using the bonus points to buy products and services of their choice.

Features of SLP

  • SLP would be launching a consumer application that can help the users in discovering various types of loyalty programs. Thus, users can amass more loyalty points and earn rewards announced by various local and international brands.
  • In the existing system, customers face lots of restrictions while claiming their loyalty points. For instance, most brands provide loyalty points that can be redeemed only when the customer shops for products sold by the brand. However, with the help of SLP platform, the customers can convert their loyalty points into bonus points by using SLP tokens. Further, these bonus points can be utilized by the users to buy products of their choice.
  • SLP would be launching a web application for entrepreneurs and business entities who wish to partner with the platform for conducting their loyalty programs. The platform would help them in customizing the rules of their loyalty campaigning.
  • SLP would help businesses in optimizing the results of their loyalty programs by providing them consolidated data about customer activities and transactions.

The team behind SLP

Leonid Shangin is the CEO and cofounder of SLP. He has a background in technology and retail. He has worked for companies like Rocket Internet and McKinsey and Company.

Mikhail Shtefan is the Project Manager at SailPlay. He is a fast-paced product manager and has ample experience in IoT, blockchain, and Machine Learning. Previously, he has worked for prestigious firms like Intel Corporation.

Alexey Benko is the CFO at SailPlay. He has a proven track record in finance and audit. Previously, he has worked at KPMG as a Manager.

Aleksandr Belousov is the Chief Product Officer at SailPlay. He has more than 7 years of experience in product development. Previously, he has served as the CEO of Intako Group and InstantMarketing in Russia.

Should you invest in SLP?

SLP is a highly innovative blockchain project that seeks to bridge the gap between customers and brands by offering an interactive platform for promoting various types of loyalty programs. The services offered by the platform are technology-driven, user-friendly, and sophisticated. This would readily attract millions of users within a matter of a few years. Thus, the venture can definitely prove fruitful for early investors and token holders.


Payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD (bank transfer)

Token exchange rate: 1 USD = 100 SLP tokens

Total token supply (max): 4,000,000,000

Min purchase: 0.1 ETH


The token distribution

  • ICO participants: 60%
  • Team (subject to vesting and lock-up): 15%
  • Advisors, early supporters, bounty: 5%
  • Reserve Fund: 20%


  • Start date: Summer 2018
  • Payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD (bank transfer)
  • Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD
  • Token exchange rate: 1 USD = 100 SLP tokens
  • Total token supply (max): 4,000,000,000
  • Min purchase: 1 ETH


The token distribution is proportional to the number of SLP Tokens generated:

  • ICO participants: 60%
  • Team (subject to vesting and lookup): 15%
  • Advisors, early supporters, bounty: 5%
  • Reserve Fund: 20%

Token Sale Proceeds

The funds raised during the Token Launch are planned to be used in accordance with the roadmap.

Planned fund allocation                            %

Research & Development                      50.0%

Marketing & Sales                               26.0%

Admin & Operations                             14.0%

Legal                                               5.0%

Contingency                                       5.0%










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