Sint To Offer Instant Exchanges And Conversion Of Crypto Assets

In the evolving world of smart contracts and blockchain based business models Sint proposes a platform that would offer instant exchanges.  With the emergence of different kinds of cryptocurrency assets whose values differ, there is much to gain from trading in such assets.  This business model proposes and instant exchange feature that would enable fast conversions of cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa.  This platform would be based on the blockchain methodology.  It would differ from other cryptocurrency exchanges in its fluent transfer methods.  As more and more businesses are being developed online, where transactions can only take place with cryptocurrency assets, there would be raising need of purchasing such assets as well as converting the same to fiat currency.

Features of Sint

This platform would have certain distinct features:

  • It would allow cryptocurrency to be fluently converted to fiat currency and vice versa.
  • You will be able to use the platform easily, even if you are a novice trader.
  • All one needs is a wallet to fund transactions on this platform.
  • Steps to perform transactions on this platform include choosing a cryptocurrency by choice, specifying the address of your wallet where you wish to receive the converted currency.
  • Users can deposit Fiat currency easily with a bank account or credit card details which would be made secure on this platform.
  • Once the cryptocurrency of choice is specified, one can get the converted currency in their wallet instantly.
  • Assets can be withdrawn by similar convenient methods from this platform.

This platform would offer the benefits of a decentralized platform that the blockchain technology offers. That would be akin to secure exchanges of fiat currency into cryptocurrency on this platform. Here the transferring of Fiat currency to cryptocurrency would be done in a fast manner and you need not expect any delays. It would offer low fees and a secure framework for such transactions to take place.

Should you invest in Sint?

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency exchanges, this is definitely a lucrative business model being proposed. This exchange offers unique features such as fast conversion of fat to cryptocurrencies.  There are convenient payment options and exchange options to be offered within this framework.  It is proposed to be a robust and scalable model that would be able to handle large volumes of trades and exchanges.  The success of the final implementation steps would determine the future of this model.

Team behind Sint

The team behind Sint comprises of several enthusiastic and experienced members. It is headed by Rafał Niewiadomski who is CEO and co-founder of this business model. He is aided by Paweł Augustyniak who assumes the role of COO as well as co-founder of the business. Others in the team include Marta Kubiatowicz as CMO and Szczepan Urbański as a system architect. There are several others who assume distinct roles in the management team of this business. One can check out their detailed profiles online at the official website to understand the workings of the team and the roadmap of implementation.

Token Details

ERC20 compatible


ICO DATE – 01.05.2018 – 21.05.2018 (23:59 CET)






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