Sharing And Renting Of Any Service Or Asset Got Easy Through Wono Platform

Wono is a worldwide decentralized environment that gives you the option to share anything you like, such as homes, vehicles, and talents as a freelancer. It works on the smart contract basis and therefore there is no need to waste money on the middleman. The Wono platform is a very useful tool for any owner who is looking to earn money or a customer who is looking to spend money. There is no need to use physical money or pay any taxes for the exchanges or rentals that you avail through this decentralized platform. All payments are made using cryptocurrencies through the platform that is run on the blockchain technology.

Key features of Wono ICO

  • The Wono is a very popular decentralized platform that offers the services offered by Upwork, Craigslist, Airbnb, Turo, etc., all in one place.
  • The execution of the deal and the payments made for the deal are all done through smart contracts and hence you only enjoy reliable deals.
  • The ratings and the reviews offered on this blockchain platform are all non-transparent and genuine.
  • There is no admin to dictate terms on this platform and it is all done by the user community.
  • There is no involvement of middlemen in this platform and hence lower transaction costs, no taxes and currency exchange losses. All transactions are done through cryptocurrencies.
  • The users get to earn as well as spend on this platform through special deals, exchange deals, and trusted deals.

The team members of Wono

Alexander Esaulov is the founder and the CEO of Wono. He is experienced in marketing and is also an entrepreneur. Some of the startups started by him include Burn to Earn (US fitness reality show), Greeder (a marketplace to bargain for products), and Alex Games (fitness reality show).

Andrey Chepelev is the COO of Wono. He is also the Project Manager and Editor in Chief of He is instrumental in bringing millions of audiences to the website in a span of four years. He is very successful as a media expert.

German Solodov is the CMO. He has 7 years of digital marketing experience behind him and was associated with Alex fitness gym in Russia. He is also an SEO expert.

Artem Nikonov is the web application developer of Wono with over 14 years of web development experience. He implements new business ideas in existing and new web platforms.

Kirill Pyrev is the Investor Relations man of Wono. He has over 10 years experience in digital marketing and advertising. He is into gaming and has been the CEO of a blockchain startup BotGaming.

Arthur Lavrishev is the software developer known to create complicated projects like blockchain DAPPs.

Antony Guljakin is the UI/UX designer with web design, UX design and graphic experience of over 13 years.

Maria Polzik is the project manager with over 5 years experience in IT management field.

Julia Larionova is an e-mail marketing specialist and SMM Manager and Alexander Knizhnikov is the Community Manager.

The advisors of Wono include Lev Lemkov (Project Management), Benedict O’Leary (accommodation and travel), Christopher Ciko (legislation), and Alexander Frolov (blockchain development).

Roadmap of Wono

The idea of Wono came up in the 1st quarter of 2018 and the private pre-sale, planning of the business model, and the public pre-sale takes place in the 2nd quarter. The ICO business will be run using tokens along with the development of the business structure during the 3rd quarter of 2018. The requirements for Wono API testing and the technical support services launch will kick-start in the 4th quarter of 2018. The Wono API will launch in Q1 of 2019 with a trial version of Wono to start in the Q2 of 2019.

Total Supply: 79,166,667 W

On sale: 47,500,000 W

Team & Owners: 15,833,334 W

Advisors: 3,958,333 W

Bounty: 2,375,000 W

Reserve: 9,500,000 W

Token: Wono

Token Ticker: WONO

Token Value: 0.5 USD

Blockchain: Ethereum

Amount of issued tokens: 79,166,667

Amount of tokens for sale: 47,500,000

Soft Cap Limit: $7,000,000

Hard Cap Limit: $20,000,000

Pre-ICO: June 2018

ICO: July 2018

Maximal token supply: 79,166,667

Token distribution                            Share, %                                                Tokens

On Sale                                   60                                          47,500,000

Team and Owners                      20                                          15,833,334

Advisors                                   5                                            3,958,333

Bounty                                    3                                            2,375,000

Reserve                                   12                                          9,500,000