SGAT Offers Customized Smart Contract Systems And Solutions

SGAT is a block chain based initiative, which has tailor made decentralized applications and smart contract solutions to offer. With the growing popularity of many crypto currencies based marketplaces and service offerings, this ecosystem promises to make it a smoother and faster process for those setting up a block chain and smart contract based platform. It is formed as a platform that can help decentralized projects to be created and formed.

Features of SGAT

This ecosystem offers the following features:

  • It provides infrastructure based on block chain technology for creating decentralized applications as well as smart contracts that can be tailored as per the requirements of different systems.
  • Challenges for any sector can be met on this platform, whether game based ecosystems are being built, financial exchanges, cash management or media distribution services, community events and several other categories of service based or commercial marketplaces can be developed on SGAT.
  • Smart contracts can be developed as per the kind of contractual relationships that need to be built among different parties, Hence, no matter which sector ecosystem is being built, health, digital voting, food processing, luxury goods, banking, insurance, carpooling – all this and many more services based ecosystems can be formed on this platform.
  • While block chain based frameworks are becoming common as transactions can be automated and made secure on such framework, developing such technology can be a cumbersome and time taking process. That is made easy with SGAT.
  • This ecosystem offers tailored tickets that can be modeled and adapted to meet diverse needs of different businesses and sectors.
  • The SGAT token can provide access to all services on this ecosystem whose transfer value is cheap, fast and safe and comes with member privileges.
  • The infrastructure and block chain comprises of two layers, a public block chain and an innovative ecosystem that focuses on helping to develop block chain applications and smart contracts.

Team of SGAT

SGAT Technologies was formed by a passionate team of professionals who bring in different skills to help in building the platform.

Sébastien Pussiau is CEO and cofounder of the platform. He is aided by Antoine La who assumes the role of CTO of the platform. He has graduated from the European Institute of Technology and has worked on several technology projects involving C++, MySQL and other technologies.

Thomas Paillet works as COO for the platform and has more than a decade of work experience. He has worked for organizations like Häagen-Dazs and Five Guys.

Christophe Fraysse is lead developer of the platform and he is assisted by several other technical and advisory personnel who carry out different roles.

Roadmap of SGAT

The platform was conceived and initiated in the first two months of 2018 when the team was also consolidated. The objectives of the platform were finalized and ICO development took place from April 2018 when the whitepaper was also published. By May 2018 the pre-sales opening was held, after which the electronic wallet and SGAT block chain were finalized. The latter part of 2018 will see the launch of the beta version of the platform as well as the web application being finalized.

SGAT token sales distribution

  1. Volume: up to 12,000,000 SGAT
  2. Maximum token amount for sale:
  3. 65 %, splitted as follows:
    • 8% for privat pre-sales, including 30% bonus
    • 15% for public pre-sale, including 15% bonus
  4. 77 % en la vente publique
  5. Softcap ICO : 1,500,000 €
  6. Hardcap ICO : 6,500,000 €


  1. Volume: up to 12,000,000 SGAT
  2. Maximum token amount for sale: 65 %, split as follows:
  • 8 % for private pre-sales, including bonuses
  • 15 % for public pre-sale
  • 77 % for public sale
  1. Marketing & community support: 3 %
  2. Advisors: 3 %
  3. Ambassadors: 4 %
  4. Legal: 2 %
  5. Cash reserve: 6,5 %
  6. Team: 6 %
  7. Founders: 6,5 %
  • Shareholders: 4 %
  • Softcap: 1,500,000 €
  • Hardcap: 6,500,000 €