Sgame Pro Introduces A Highly Rewarding Crypto-Based Gaming Platform For Mobile Gamers

Sgame Pro is the first blockchain-enabled mobile game aggregator that aims to provide maximum entertainment to its users by offering high-quality mobile games. The unique feature of this platform is that it would focus on providing multiplayer versions of games that are available on other gaming platforms as single player games. Thus Sgame Pro focuses on enhancing the overall user experience by providing exciting gaming opportunities at affordable rates. The blockchain-based platform would reward the players by offering crypto tokens. These tokens can be used for buying various types of products.  Sgame Pro also consists of a marketplace where merchants can sell their products and get paid in cryptocurrency.

Features of Sgame Pro

Sgame Pro features a blockchain venture that combines the advantages of the crypto economy with multiplayer mobile gaming. This would help mobile gamers in gaining access to highly entertaining multiplayer game versions in addition to an opportunity to mine crypto tokens for their performance.  Listed below are some important features of the platform.

  • Sgame Pro has partnered with some of the most reputed game publishers in the mobile gaming industry. Thus, Sgame Pro users can access the best games in the industry that have millions of active players. Furthermore, these games are available in multiplayer versions. This would make the gaming experience more thrilling.
  • The working of Sgame Pro can help players in making money by playing their favorite games. The existing mobile gaming platforms only allow the publishers to earn money from the ads and in-app purchases. But with Sgame Pro the players can witness a new trend wherein active gamers can mine crypto tokens simply by playing their favorite games.
  • The platform can help active gamers to save money on their mobile games. Sgame Pro users can purchase games using the tokens they have earned or purchased. They need not spend their fiat money on in-app purchases anymore.
  • Sgame Pro also helps the publishers in earning crypto tokens for offering quality games with exciting challenges.

The team behind Sgame Pro

Giampietro Cutrino is the Founder and CEO of Sgame Pro. He has around 8 years of experience in the mobile gaming industry. He has formerly worked as an Italian TV showman. He is known for his marketing skills and leadership qualities.

Nicola Rizzo is the CFO and Co-founder of Sgame Pro. He has secured a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in management consulting. He is the owner of the Favella Group in Italy.

Natale Ferrara is the Co-founder of Sgame Pro. He is the Founder of crypto venture, Eidoo. He is the Chief Finance Officer at Digital Identity. He has also Co-founded Cryptopolis. He is skilled in business development, project management, and business strategy.

Francesco Ongaro is the CTO of Sgame Pro. He is a specialist in networking, online security, and web applications. He has worked on building technical solutions for companies from diverse industrial sectors.

Should you invest in Sgame Pro?

Sgame Pro is a revolutionary gaming arena that can change the way mobile gamers enjoy their favorite games. The platform offers many benefits to its users in addition to offering a wide range of multiplayer games. Once the platform has been fully launched, the early investors and token holders can definitely benefit from the growing demand for its services and crypto tokens.

Sale Details

  • Issuer: Sgame Sa (Swiss Based)
  • Symbol: SGM
  • Type: ERC20
  • Main Sale: June 2018
  • Price in Chf: 10d before Main Sale
  • Exchange Rate ETH/CHF:24h prior Main Sale
  • Currency: ETH
  • KYC: Required

Token Distribution

  • Total Supply: 350,000,000
  • Private Sale: 139,500,000
  • Main Sale: 55,000,000
  • SGM Liquidity Reserve: 83,000,000
  • Kept by Issuer: 51,000,000
  • Advisors & Founders: 15,000,000
  • Bounties & Airdrops: 6,500,000

Token issuer:                                            Sgame SA

Tokens Total Supply:                                  350,000,000

Tokens sold in Pre-Sale:                             139,500,000 (lock-in up to 14 months)

Tokens to be sold in the Main Sale:              55,000,000

SGM Liquidity Reserve:                              83,000,000

Tokens available for Bounties/Airdrops:       6,500,000

Tokens reserved for Advisors & Founders:    15,000,000 (lock-in up to 14 months)