Serve: Decentralising Logistics Services On The Blockchain

Logistics is basically defined as the detailed coordination of a complex operation that involves several people, supplies or facilities. Blockchain technology aims to provide an ideal solution for coordinating complex operations among the several constituents. The team behind Serve is trying to create a next generation logistics platform based on the blockchain technology in order to transform the following: Rideshare transportation, on-demand delivery, same-day delivery, next-day deliver, food deliver, e-commerce, gig services, logistics, and many more industries. This particular platform aims to provide a transparent, intuitive, open-source and decentralized platform in order to increase the efficiency and at the same time reducing the costs for all parties that are there in an open-source global economy.

Why Serve?

If you are wondering that why should you choose to Serve then the answer to it is very simple. Serve is a revolutionary platform that seeks to establish a new global e-commerce and logistics solutions by removing the main problems that are faced by the industry. The main problems arise due to several factors which include little transparency, too many platforms, and too many hands. This platform seeks to empower it’s users, providers, and enterprises by providing them with a platform that is not only secure but also transparent, beneficial and decentralized in nature. You can say that in order to accomplish this it allows the direct connection between the users, providers, and enterprises.

Serve is a project that is backed by expert professionals who are known to have diverse knowledge and experience in software development, economics, marketing, security, law, e-commerce, and blockchain.

How does it work?

Serve has been established with the aim to solve the problem of the logistics industry. The platform is built on a peer-to-peer platform where enterprises, users and providers from all around the world can directly interact with each other. This will help in the elimination of third-party transactions and thus, it will help in the establishment of industry protocols for transparent interactions. The platform also includes certain features that make the user experience adaptable and flexible to the requirements of the implementing party. The serve protocols have been developed based on IPFS and Ethereum for data. The platform also makes use of smart contracts as well.


The platform is also known to make use of Serve tokens that are used to incentivize the logistics providers to provide transportation and delivery of services. The tokens are also used to verify and validate the quality of services and goods utilizing through staking mechanisms while capitalizing on a decentralized and direct delivery service. Serve is known to mins it’s tokens and launch the Serve platform concurrently. The tokens will contribute to communities by letting voting utilizing tokens consisting of 1 token per vote.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it can be concluded that Serve as a blockchain platform is fully dedicated to solving the problems faced by the logistics industry. If you wish to know more about the platform then you can visit the official site of the company and read the white paper.