SEND Comes In With Digital Money With Unique Features To Offer

SDT or SEND comes in as digital money that is designed to help stabilize exchange fluctuations. High volatility is avoided by this digital form of currency. It is ideal for use by institutions as well as by individuals who can transfer as well as store and exchange any value in a secure manner without volatility. SDT is well defined by the term stable rate per limited time. This showcases the main feature of this digital currency that maintains stable reference price for consensus periods that are fixed. This prevents losses in volatility as well as allowing users to trade in this currency with confidence.

Features of SDT

There are several features that define this digital currency offered on a Blockchain platform:

  • SDT comes as a concept where price consensus mechanisms are set up and designed based on certain rules. Consensus occurs when a set of people or organizations support and recognize reference prices in exchange for rewards which leads to the price being stabilized around the consensus point.
  • SDT also functions as an asset where tokens are available through the Blockchain framework. SDTs are given out as determined by market forces such as demand and supply of the market as well as liquidity availability of SDTs.
  • SDT also supports a distinct community where organizations and individuals adopt the token and liquidity is added to the network as transactions continue.
  • SDT becomes available through third party applications and users help to make the market strong for the currency.
  • In the form of a currency it acts as a store of value as well as medium of exchange.
  • Send or SDT is an ethereum designed asset which is part of the Consensus Network, a network that comprises of applications, developers, organizations and people who are willing to use this currency as the exchange means for services and goods. That leads to a consensus price that is set in associated systems that accepted by the linked systems of the network.
  • WeSend is the third party application that is working currently as the launch pad for SDT or Send. It enables users to send money at low cost and in a secure way without intermediaries. The system works as a peer to peer network that can ease the process of sending money across international borders.

The platform was formed in the fourth quarter of last year. The token development and launch are going on in the second quarter of this year. The launch of the consensus network as well as Send wallet features would be functional by the third quarter of this year.

Team behind SDT

Camilo Jimenez is co founder and CEO of the company; he has been working since 2013 on cryptocurrencies. He has also founded InstaKiosks LLC, which has launched a cost effective Bitcoin ATM.

He is supported by Francisco Cordoba Otalora who is a chief visionary officer and co founder. He acts as a serial entrepreneur, public speaker and author, having worked at Red Diaspora Columbia and 3da2 Studios.

Marcio Abreu acts as co founder and Chief Technology Officer of the company. He has worked as blockchain and AI developer as well in previous ventures.

Sarah Kate Hartt is communications director of the platform, handling the marketing and external relations responsibilities.

Others who work for SDT include Daniela Escobar, who is the community development coordinator; Maria Helena Barros Burchardt is UX Lead; Jario Bernal works as a full stack engineer among others.

Should you invest in SDT?

This digital money brings in several useful features such as a stable rate for certain time periods and growth that is forecastable due to the liquidity formula being transparent to public and other participants of the community. Being backed by a consensus network the price set becomes an official reference for the partners and service providers who wish to use the network. It also offers stability which will help to drive value and real demand. It is designed to support peer to peer networks whereby services and products can be exchanged with this currency as the medium. By signing up to be part of the community the users can help stabilize and strengthen SDT, which in turn can help to promote the benefits of SDT as a form of exchange or transaction for goods and services.

Token Distribution Terms

  • Total token supply: 700,000,000 SDT
  • Public distribution cap: 231,000,000 SDT
  • Coins accepted: Ethereum (ETH)


Distribution Stage 1 – Pre-sale

  • Cap: up to 70,000,000 SDT
  • Timeframe: Runs on Q2 2018
  • Price: Tokens sold at a fixed price 0.14 USD/SDT + F&F bonuses


Distribution Stage 2 – Continuous supply offering

  • Cap: 161,000,000 SDT
  • Timeframe: Runs for 365 days, starting on Q2 2018
  • Price: Dynamic; starts 0.20 USD/SDT and sold at SDT Consensus Price Formula