REOS Brings A Blockchain – Based Platform For Monetizing User Generated Content

REOS is an online community that allows the users to easily publish and promote their contents without getting sidelined by middlemen. This allows the content creators to have a better control over their works. REOS as a platform for promoting valid User Generated Content seeks to offer an ecosystem that doesn’t feature the common drawbacks suffered by big content publishing and video streaming websites. It aims to break the general trend wherein the site owners take the major share of revenue from the ads. REOS facilitates the content publishers to receive a good share of the total revenue generated by their popular contents. REOS maintains a transparent content management platform that allows the users to clearly follow the entire process of content promotion and monetization. The entire platform is powered by a blockchain technology that ensures maximum security to the users. The entire process of data collection and management is done through a blockchain network that prevents the possibility of identity theft or data tampering. REOS follows a policy of maximum transparency regarding revenue generation and profit distribution.

REOS is an online platform for User Generated Content that enables the content creators to earn revenues from their genuine contents. With the help of a blockchain-based community, REOS would help its customers and promoters to have a better control over the contents and their ratings.

Features of REOS

REOS will be issuing its crypto-tokens through its pre-sale event for initial fundraising. The funds raised by means of this token sale would be utilized for developing and promoting the activities of REOS. Understanding the working of REOS is important before investing in its tokens. Listed below are some of the major features of REOS.

  • As a platform for publishing User Generated Content, REOS would be carrying out a detailed research on digital marketing and the role of user-created content in realizing various marketing goals. Further, it would delve into the potential application of REOS software systems.
  • REOS would be issuing ERC-20 compliant crypto-tokens for its users. The token holders would enjoy the power of voting to rate the validity of the contents published through the platform.
  • REOS community is powered by a blockchain technology known as REOSchainTM. This is to ensure proper acknowledgment of content ownership. Thus, it would be implementing an unbiased “truth rating system” that allows the users to determine the quality and geniuses of the digital assets by using their voting powers.
  • REOS platform would prevent content creators from publishing disingenuous contents. It doesn’t support or offer any kind of unauthorized review systems. Thus, it seeks to promote a UGC platform that solely supports genuine content owners.
  • REOS would give more powers to its content creators to control the distribution of their contents. The sponsors and advertisers would not be able to put restrictions on the sharing and promotion of genuine contents. So it is a great platform for creative users to publish and get rewarded for their talents and skills.
  • The platform would maintain a decentralized ledger system that ensures accurate recording of all the transactions associated with the digital assets published by the content creators.

Team behind REOS

The team behind REOS is headed by Leon Bian who is the Project Lead. He has over 15 years of experience in sectors related to the blockchain, security, IT solutions, mobile industry, software systems, and cloud services.

The business development and marketing departments are headed by Jay Cheng. He has a proven track record in the entertainment industry and e-commerce sectors.

Larry Chen is the head of engineering at REOS. He was the General Manager at Commercialize TV and Graphite Software. He has worked with Motorola as a software architecture.

The Chief System Architect at REOS is Andre Rabold who was the former head of the cloud engineering department at Nero. He has unmatched experience in the field of AI, consumer multimedia apps, and software architecture.

Should you invest in REOS?

REOS maintains a blockchain-based community that strives to help the content creators in realizing better returns from their digital contents. The platform is based on a highly secured blockchain technology and decentralized data management system that offers complete security to the users. REOS focuses on the development of a ‘UGC digital market exchange’ which is a highly rewarding venture. In short, REOS is estimated to be a profitable venture for its stakeholders.

Token Symbol          – REOS

Token Type – ERC20

Token Sale Start – 8 June 2018

Token Sale End – 20 July 2018

Accepted Payment Methods – ETH, BTC

Total Amount of Tokens – 10,000,000,000 REOS

Soft Cap – 5,000 ETH

Hard Cap – 75,000 ETH

Token Sale Min. Transaction          – 0.1 ETH

Token Sale Max. Transaction – 50 ETH

Pre-Sale – Starts: 27 April 2018, Ends:  7 June 2018, 50% Bonus

Pre-Sale Min. Transaction – 100 ETH

Pre-Sale Max. Transaction – 10,000 ETH

Public Sale – Starts: 8 June 2018, Ends:  20 July 2018, 25% Bonus

Early Bird – Starts:  8 June 2018, Ends:  13 June 2018