Rego To Offer Real Estate Listings On Blockchain

Rego is a real estate platform been developed for the global; digital market and would be powered by the blockchain technology of the next generation. It envisions providing access to real estate properties across the globe and providing opportunities for real estate that are below par market prices or have low replacement value, to be available for offshore investors. It would reflect the founder’s belief that the properties of a wide variety and across different locations should be made available in order to provide optimal investment opportunities. That advantage would be provided by an established, well spread network that the founder has and it would focus on sourcing properties that are below par market prices and can be listed and resold to investors in real estate across the world.

Features of the platform

Rego as a real estate investment platform would offer the following features:

  • It would disrupt the industry and bring changes in the way real estate is purchased, since it would work with smart contracts and transactions would be done by crypto currencies.
  • Property listings would be verified and checked to ensure that all records is genuine, validated and all transactions that take place would be transparent on this platform.
  • The platform can be used to list any property of value which can be from anywhere in the world, but there would be a screening method for such property to be listed on the site.
  • It would be available as a web portal as well as on mobile devices as mobile applications.
  • Those who wish to transact in such properties can get in touch with registered agents in countries like Australia, Malaysia, United States and others.
  • It would have an intuitive and user-friendly layout that promises ease of use, whether for searching out the listings or looking at property details, making a booking and so forth.

The team working for Rego

The platform is being worked upon by a team of professionals as well as being supported by a crew who can assist with any customer queries. Lionell Tan acts as CEO and founder who has considerable experience in investment management. He is aided by David Braut who is company advisor, entrepreneur, and investor by profession. Others in the top management of the company comprise of Elizabeth Siew, who is company advisor as well as legal tech counsel, Harsha Cuttari who has considerable experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and so forth.

Lucrative aspects of the platform

This platform would offer several unique features to real estate investors. For instance, it would allow records to be verified by any user to ensure that the properties are fairly and competitively priced. The system would offer 3d virtual tours that would provide visuals, walk through and details of the properties. With the online world of real estate sales and investments already a proven lucrative venture, this blockchain based platform would surely have much potential for growth as more builders and real estate owners seek lucrative returns on their investments.

Symbol – REGO

1 ETH = 1,600 REGO



HARD CAP: 20,000 ETH


1 REGO = 0.000625 ETH = $0.53 USD

The bonus is specified in allocations as follows

May 1st 2018: Private placement 4000 ETH @ 2300 tokens per ETH – 9,200,000 tokens

May 14th 2018: Pre-ICO 6000 ETH @ 1900 tokens per ETH – 11,400,000 tokens

July 31st 2018: ICO 10000 ETH @ 1600 tokens per ETH – 16,000,000 tokens

Token Allocation

  • Advisors:  9.8%
  • Reserved: 18.2%
  • Public Sale: 72.0%

Use of Fund

Legal: 5.0%

Admin Setup: 10.0%

Development Costs: 10.0%

Marketing: 15.0%

Reserve: 20.0%

Sourcing Properties: 40.0%






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