Realista is a platform for global real estate and is available on the web, Android, and iOS. It has over 16,000 agents registered in New Zealand and Australia. Sellers at Realista can show their properties at zero cost and agents can list these properties on the move. Renters and buyers can access properties globally.


Realista is a pretty ambitious project that targets to solve a major multi-trillion dollar issue – connect renters and buyers to the properties all over the world. Instead of searching, renters and buyers can now keep themselves updated with the latest market hits by simply personalizing their feed. Properties that were previously invisible will also reach the right renters and buyers.



The Realista Token RET was founded recently in the month of July 2017. It will launch its phase 2 Realista Beta UK in June 2018 and explore the potential market in Latin America, Europe, and Asia in 2019 – 2020. The deployment of phase 3 Realista 2.0 Q1 will be done in 2018 which will see the integration of A1 into the chat systems to streamline inquiries about the properties.


The Realista Token (RET) model by the company will incentivize the participants in real estate market as agents, buyers and renters will all be interacting with one system. 1 % of the RET tokens shall be given to the agents to take them on board the platform. This hypothesis will bring renters and buyers to the platform as they will automatically follow the agents.


Realista is providing a free real estate platform to access properties globally anywhere and anytime. It attempts to balance out the excessive fees charged by most websites across the globe to those who want to advertise their own property.


Realista platform will simplify the work of uploading as well as advertising properties. By providing apps, the agents can list their property directly to the renters and buyers. Using Blockchain will provide simpler and faster delivery of the listings and hence significantly reduce the costs and streamline the process of uploading.


  • Alex McIntyre (Founder & CEO)

McIntyre previously worked at the Real Estate Duncan McIntyre and studied at the University of Technology at Swinburne

  • Duncan McIntyre (co-founder & CMO)

It is not mentioned anywhere how he is related to Alex McIntyre but the two share their last name so they could be definitely related by blood. It is mentioned in his Linkedin account that he is the co-founder and CMO of Realista. With over 21k connections, he mentions PropTech, Blockchain and Realista Token as his expertise.


Although Realista is attempting to do a noble job, it is unlikely that it will succeed in their competitive market dominated by international players. This is not a very viable model because they are paying customers to use their service. Although if the hypothesis they present is correct then it could be ht answer to the chicken and egg mystery via this incentive model that is tokenized. Perhaps Realista could be more than $30 million worth?