Quantum Pay, Offering Decentralized Banking Solutions

Introduced to serve as a financial services platform, Quantum Pay is a blockahin-powered and computerized banker engine. This platform is using the digital currency as a cost-effective doorway for lending, investment, and banking. Quantum Pay’s main goal is spreading the effectiveness of financial organizations across their limits to the people who are still not using the banking platforms.

This platform is also introducing a digital wallet to enable peer-to-peer transactions. The users can use this wallet to pay bills, shopping expenses, portable top-ups, and pay for the services they use. By joining this platform, the users will get a wallet that will be applicable for all their financial demands. Whether the user wants to make bill payments, do hotel bookings, or purchase in-game stuffs, he can use the Quantum Pay platform to perform all these monetary tasks.

How does Quantum Pay work?

As the customers join this platform, they will have access to the QPay wallet. It is essentially an application that will work to hold all the tokens a user receives. Once the user has got the digital wallet, he can use it for all the financial demands. It takes only a few minutes to download the wallet. There are no limits regarding how much minimum amount a wallet can hold. Quantum Pay is also not charging any monthly fees for its wallet in which the users can also hold Ether along with QPAY tokens. This platform will soon upgrade the features and then the users will also be able to keep their bitcoins and other popular cryptocurrencies in their QPAY wallets.

The notable features:

There are some notable features that the users will enjoy while using Quantum Pay. These features are as follows:

User-friendly platform:

The users can conveniently complete every transaction they want. There is no need to synchronize the deals with the blockchain. Its user-friendly interface will allow you to make fast and affordable transactions.

Highly safe:

Quantum Pay has applied all the safety measures to ensure that the user will face no troubles regarding the safety of the coins and data. Whenever a user holds crypto assets in the wallet, he gets back options in order to prevent the loss of assets.

Constant updates on crypto-market:

This platform is introducing a system that constantly tracks all the movements in the global crypto market. The statistics are later supplied to the user. So, the user can never miss a great opportunity of trading and making beneficial deals.

The user can use QPAY wallet offline and online:

While other blockchain powered platforms are offering wallets that the users can only use online, the QPAY wallet is the one that the users can also use offline. The QPAY SMS operator will administrate all the transactions made by the user.

Final thoughts:

Quantum Pay is offering some innovative solutions for the users, who want a crypto wallet to use as a normal wallet. This is a platform that is designed to deliver a number of financial services, which investors will like.


Website: https://quantumpay.co/

Whitepaper: https://quantumpay.co/QUANTUMPAYWP.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/quantumpayQPAY



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