Qompass, Offering Blockchain Based Financial Solutions

The investors of this age need the cutting-edge solutions for their investments. A lot of platforms are using the Blockchain technology to offer more convenient and useful methods of investment. The Qompass is one of those blockchain powered platforms. It is designed to a quick access to the financial markets. The participants in the sale need to buy the QPS tokens in order to use the services offered by this platform. This platform is also offering a mobile app and the Qompass card to interact with the payment platform. It is going to feature a hybrid debit card along with the hardware wallet system. The application will work as a wallet through which the users can load their card time and again.

How does this platform work?

Qompass is aimed to drive the financial and capital market on a global level. It is designed to use the features offered by neural networks and artificial intelligence. By using such state-of-the-art technologies this platform will offer a cutting-edge ecosystem of applications and API protocols. You can go through the official whitepaper and the website of this platform that mention a number of luring features.

The main target of this platform is the revamp the global financial markets and blockchainize the $294 trillion economy of the world. It will re-establish trust and root out corruption and manipulation. That is how this platform is going to work. Qompass’s goals are quite ambitious and some of them are quite hard to achieve. However, let’s check some key functions of this platform.

  • It is supporting more than 30,000 transactions in each second.
  • It is much faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The blockchain technology is combined with the AI technology to make the platform work by itself.
  • Qompass supports cross-chain smart contract which works on a wide range of blockchains.
  • This platform is totally scalable and customizable.
  • No bloat at all and minimal transaction costs.
  • It is featuring a safe explorer that prohibits any individual from sneaking into your assets. Thus, the participants experience the highest level of anonymity and enjoy their privacy.
  • This platform is designed to empower high frequency trading and financial transactions.
  • It is a decentralized platform that can maintain the anonymity of the users.

All of these functions and features endorse how perfectly designed Qompass is. A large number of users are going to try it for its unique and luring features.

Products and services Qompass is planning to offer:

Qompass blockchain will provide the users with a wide range of products and services. It will offer Crypto P2P exchange, Crypto payment card, Qompass trader, Blockchain based financing, Open API platform, Alfa package, Delta package, Omega package, and Qompass investment packages. All in all, this blockchain is going to provide the users with a huge range of solutions that every individual needs to perform financial tasks. Qompass can emerge as the leading blockchain-powered financial solution. It can perform much better than the Bitcoin and Ethereum and therefore investing in Qompass can be a great decision for you.


Website: https://qompass.io/

Whitepaper: https://qompass.io/pdf/QompasswhitePaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Qompass