PumaPay Builds A Next-Generation Payment Protocol For Digital Money Transfer

PumaPay has designed a robust payment system known as PullPayment. The system focuses on developing a platform of users that includes consumers as well as merchants who can transact using cryptocurrency. The purpose of the venture is to promote the use of crypto holders and to eliminate the need for 3rd party services that charge high fees for transferring money from one location to another. The PullPayment protocol allows customization and various types of payment systems can be activated without undergoing any complex formalities. PumaPay would be featuring a special directory of merchants and businessmen who will be adopting their PullpPayment protocol for accepting transactions in PumaPay tokens from customers.

Features of PumaPay

  • Security is the major feature associated with the PumaPay protocol. The application is based on blockchain technology where all the operations are executed with the help of ‘PullContract’. This is an innovative form of smart contract that ensures complete security with regards to the users’ funds.
  • Since the payments are made in tokens, the users can avoid using bank cards for making online purchases. This eliminates the risk of fraudulent card usage which is a major threat to online shoppers.
  • PumaPay offers lots of benefits to the merchant community. It would allow businessmen to accept payments in instalment from the consumers. It further guarantees the entire payment by tying up with a credit company that takes responsibility for the payment if the customer is unable to make full payments.
  • PumaPay payment system also features arbitration services in order to solve any kind of dispute that arises between the customers and merchants.

The team behind PumaPay

Yoav Dror is the CEO and Founder of PumaPay. He holds an MBA degree and has more than 20 years of experience in online business. He has founded and successfully led several companies.

Aristos Christofides is the CTO of PumaPay. He is an Electronic Engineer and has an Honors degree in MENG Electrical. He has 15 plus years of experience in banking and finance sector.

Giorgos Kourtellos is the Chief Blockchain Architect at PumaPay. He is experienced in IT and Engineering and has designed complex software solutions for prestigious ventures. He was the blockchain developer for IBM Client Innovation Centers.

Pantelis Foulis is the CFO of PumaPay. He is a Chartered Accountant. He has 23 years of experience in the business sector and has a proven track record in handling challenging ventures.

PumaPay also has talented advisors like Uriel Peled, Daniel Sijes, Dovi Frances, and Muly Litvak.

Should you invest in PumaPay?

PumaPay is a blockchain-enabled payment solution that seeks to provide an improved and transparent platform for carrying out day-to-day transactions using cryptocurrency. The venture is well structured and led by a team of able and experienced blockchain experts. The early investors and contributors can definitely benefit from the growing acceptance of this decentralized platform that seeks to provide a robust and speedy transaction solution for the modern business organizations and online customers looking for a safer and easier payment mode.


Total Amount Raised: $117,019,041

Total Token Supply: 78,042,956,829

Token Allocation

20% – Public Contributors

20% – Launch Partners And Early Adopters

35% –  Decentralized Vision Limited

15% –  Professional Fees, Bounties and Bonuses

10% –  Founders and Team


Website: https://www.pumapay.io

White paper: https://www.pumapay.io/docs/pumapay_whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/PumaPay