Poseidon Foundation: Blockchain Technology Saving The Climate

The need to protect our forests is important as it plays a great role in controlling the climate of our planet. When it comes to stopping the climate change, we are seriously running out of time. Forests basically act as carbon absorbers as it absorbs the carbon dioxide from the surrounding and thus, providing us with fresh air to breathe in. This is why it is extremely important to save the forests. In order to accomplish this need, Poseidon Foundation has come up with a blockchain solution that allows organizations, individuals, and government to engage in the act of forest conservation. Currently, Poseidon Foundation is working with their strategic partner Ecosphere+ in order source carbon credits from the best forest conservation projects in the world.

Why Poseidon?

The platform provided by Poseidon can actually harness global concern over the climatic change in order track and make an impact where it needed the most and that is the land-use and forestry sector. Poseidon provides an important tool for retailers to change behaviours and also to integrate climate action in their business models. Poseidon Foundation has made it possible to transact carbon credits in grams for the very first time. In short, it can be stated that Poseidon Foundation which is a non-profit organization aims to provide the people with the power to protect and save the planet with every retail sale and purchase via its platform.

How does it work?

Poseidon Foundation platform makes use of a smart contact that helps in managing the complete life cycle of carbon credits and also the utility token that is known as the OCEAN. OCEAN is known to facilitate the settlement of transactions carried on with carbon credits. These two structures are actually built on the stellar blockchain. This allows people to gain access to the carbon market for the very first time. It also empowers individuals to become the protector of the environment.

The biggest advantage of the Poseidon platform that it has enabled the use of carbon credits into grams. This has been made possible for the very first time. All the credits go to Poseidon Foundation that now it has been made possible to balance the impact of climate on anything all the point of consumption.


Poseidon Foundation makes use of a utility token that is known as the OCEAN. With the help of this utility token, it has been made possible to facilitate settlement of carbon credit transactions. The utility token is built on the stellar blockchain that further empowers everyone to access the carbon market for the very first time and thus, becoming the protector of the environment for the general well-being of the planet and others.

Final Thoughts

Poseidon Foundation provides a unique platform to everyone with the help of which we can save the earth with every purchase that we make via its platform. The platform makes use of blockchain technology in order to address the impact of carbon that is resulted from the choices we make. It also shares and tracks the positive impact of the transactions we make.


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