Pink Taxi, Offering Safe Transportation for Women

Public transportation is not safe for the women in many countries. Eve teasing, molestation, and other issues always prevent women from going to their offices, institutions, and even for shopping. This has to be stopped, but governments are not taking necessary steps against the problem causing elements. Many women experience the disrespectful behavior of the driver of public transportations. They want a safe ride and it can be possible only if they take a taxi. Though all the taxi companies do not provide excellent support for women, Pink Taxi has decided to resolve it once and for all.

How does it work?

Pink Taxi is essentially a blockchain based project. It is going to apply an innovative technology that will offer solutions for some major issues that the modern cab industry is facing. This platform will deal with issues such as absence of customer orientation, missing standardized practice, training, and performance measures. All the consumer drivers will benefit after implementing this solution. The cab companies would like to join Pink Taxi because it will fix their tainted reputation because of some tragic incidents caused by their drivers.

The driver database is still missing and no taxi company has it today. There is a need of driver database and the consumers need an application in which they can check the performance and behavior of a driver. The lack of driver database results in several issues. The customers cannot inform about bad behavior of the driver and eventually it affects the reputation of the taxi company. The Pink Taxi users will get a smartphone app through which normal users can easily find licensed and top-performing drivers. In addition, the taxi companies and individual drivers can use this app to manage their business and find more customers.

Facilities Pink Taxi is going to offer:

This platform is going to offer several necessary services. First of all, it will work as a ridesharing app through which women can quickly pick a taxi. If you are running a business where various female employees work, you should provide them with a safe transportation medium. Pink Taxi can be your partner in order to provide your female employees with safe transportation solutions. It will offer pick and drop facility, which means there will be a taxi in which your employees can travel anytime they want.

This taxi service is only for the women and therefore the drivers might worry about regular income. There is nothing to worry because Pink Taxi will use livery ads and indoor ads to increase drivers’ income. All in all, Pink Taxi has focused on all the aspects of taxi business and issues which are affecting it. It is providing solutions which no other platform is offering today.

Final thoughts:

Pink Taxi is introduced to prevent women against foul mouth drivers and their disrespectful behavior. It is a blockchain based program that will use this technology to provide the cutting-edge solutions. You must wait for a while to see it sticks to its primary principles or turns into a normal ridesharing company.




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